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What is patricks: Definition and 13 Discussions

  1. DebPC

    Get Lucky with These Fun and Festive St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Cupcake Ideas

    Shamrock Cupcakes http://img27.imageshack.us/img27/6678/shamrockcupcakes1bd.jpg
  2. S

    Get Lucky with a St. Patrick's Day Themed Show & Green Beer Recipe Ideas!

    I have a hostess that wants to do a St. Patricks Day themed Show. She is going to have green beer. Need to know what kind of recipe I should you or any ideas?? Thanks
  3. frozenchef

    Irish-Inspired Appetizers for Hosting Perfect Parties

    Anyone have any green, gold or Irish appetizers my host can prepare beforehand?
  4. T

    St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas: Creative Tips for a Festive Celebration

    One of our consultants wants ideas for a St. Patricks Day party - not just hte recipes but actual ideas of things to do during the party. Is there any files (I couldn't find any but maybe I'm not looking in the right place) on this?
  5. tabnat80

    Saying Goodbye to My Mawmaw: Coping with Grief on Sad Saint Patrick's Day

    My adorable mawmaw passed away tonight around 5. I haven't mentioned a whole lot on here about her the past week because it's been an emotional rollercoaster. One minute she was about the die, the next she was doing better. Ups and downs all week. Please keep me and my family in your prayers...
  6. bsaxman

    Need Catchy Slogan for St. Patricks Day!

    I am gonna hand out cookies and coupons to local businesses etc for st. patties day, but need a catchy slogan to put on the coupons! I am at a total mental block! Anyone got any good ones?????:D
  7. PCCHeather0506

    Ww and St. Patricks Day Theme?!

    I've got great ideas on things to serve for my St. Patrick's Day theme party However, my hostess is on WW and would like me to serve something healthy?? Any good ideas?? I saw that WW cake in the rice cooker, could I turn something green and make that?? he he!
  8. SillyChef

    Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with These Fun Recipes and Beverages!

    What are some FUN recipes that I can make at my moms show on St. Patrick's Day. Any Recipes for beverages as well? Thanks in advance!
  9. B

    Is having a themed Open House the key to success?

    Has anyone tried having a holiday themed Open House? I want to try a St. Patricks Day Open House but I'm afraid that people will be having their own get togethers and nobody will come. I'm having a really tough time expanding my customer base and the last 2 Open Houses that I've tried in...
  10. Kelley Sells

    What Are Some Easy Green Recipes for St. Patrick's Day?

    Hi Folks, I had a party change their date to the 17th of March.....St. Paddys Day... Does anyone happen to have a fun green recipe (I'm a beginner folks...;O) :rolleyes: that would go over well using the starter kit? Appreciate the help as always.... :D Kelley
  11. DebPC

    What are some fun and creative ways to celebrate St. Patrick's Day at home?

    Be sure and check out all the great ideas previously posted 4/28 on page 2 of this thread. Anyone have other great ideas to add?
  12. DebPC

    St. Patrick's Day Theme Ideas for a Fun and Festive Kitchen Show

    Here's a bunch of ideas for St. Patty's Day Shows that I have collected from consultants all over the country. What a fun way to make your March shows special! Gail St. Patrick's Day Theme Ideas shared by various consultants from around the country 1. Make a "GREEN" recipe. See some...