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What is objections: Definition and 17 Discussions

  1. Bren706

    Overcoming Host Objections for Booking Early January

    My goal is to have at least the first half of January booked by mid-December. (This has been a challenge for me the last few years). What are some of the things you tell your potential hosts when they think it is too soon after the holidays that have helped you successfully book those shows?
  2. Jolie_Paradoxe

    Suyb 2011: Responding to Objections

    Remember, Check for Understanding, Acknowledge Concern and Ask Again. Here's a couple of sample replies to help you respond to objections. Can you think of other replies? "I'm too busy" "Well, then you're perfect! Busy people know lots of people; so you and your busy friends can enjoy...
  3. Bren706

    Responding to Objections (Suyb Discussion)

    Finally getting caught up on taking some of the online training and teleclasses. I thought I'd share the one thing I learned from the "Responding to Objections" teleclass. (as was part of our homework on the play sheet from session 2). I have taken this course in one form or the other...
  4. pamperedbecky

    Director C.a.r.e. Method for Dealing With Objections

    Hi all! I've been MIA and now that the kids are back in school I'm REALLY hoping to get my biz back on track. I've been talking to a recruit lead for 8 months and it's exhausting me. I was trying to find that CARE script that has the chart of the various objections and lines you can say...
  5. S

    How to Effectively Handle Host Objections During Contact Calls?

    I attended a Judy Joel meeting from HO. Her suggestion was to have 5 index cards with 5 most common objections from potential hosts, and 5 responses to overcome said objections, when making contact calls. I've come up with 1) not enough time, 2) house too small, 3) don't know enough people...
  6. kdangel518

    How Can I Overcome Objections and Book More Shows?

    Ok, I've taken the online training. I've been to workshops. I am GETTING better at it, but I'm not there yet. I'm ok in person, but on the phone, forget it! For example, was on the phone tonight, here's a situation for you... I was asking this customer about booking a show, and she said...
  7. babywings76

    Overcoming Objections: Tips for Handling Rejection in Customer Care Calls

    I am making some Customer care calls today. The first person I contacted was a guest who placed an outside order on-line. Since I have her e-mail address, I thought when I called her I'd see if she would be interested in receiving my monthly newsletters. She said, "No, I don't think so. I'm...
  8. S

    Overcoming Objections to Hosting a Show: Tips for Small House/Kitchen Owners

    "My house/kitchen is too small!" - Has anyone else had a potential Host use this line as their excuse/objection as to NOT host a Show? What can I say to reassure them?
  9. scottcooks

    Responding to Bookings Objections

    help me continue this: Someone asked on another thread, about show guests who are adamant about not booking. I'm remembering from Nat.Conference that listening to reasons people might have for not booking, and having a possible alternative was the technique. HELP CONTINUE THIS... Kitchen...
  10. beepampered

    Overcoming Objections to Direct Sales Home Shows & Family Time

    How do you overcome the objection that Direct Sales home shows takes time away from the family? With many phone calls and most shows needing to be done during prime family time, what do you say to someone wanting to maintain family time rather than working during that same time?
  11. DebbieJ

    Responding to Objections Brainstorming

    Hi all, Although I am building a team, the hardest thing for me is responding to objections. I've taken the teleclass mulitple times, taken conference workshops, etc, but I still feel deficient in this area. I thought maybe we could start a brainstorming thread and share how we would...
  12. genburk

    'Overcoming Objections' Recruiting Flyer @ Leadership

    My recruiter went to Leadership and saw a recruiting flyer/chart/list about Overcoming objections. Apparently it was supposed to be sent to all the directors but our director must not have recieved one. Our director didn't know what she was talking about and didn't think she received one...
  13. soonerchef

    Tips for Handling Objections...

    Hey guys...I got this e-mail from my director and I wanted to share these great tips... Here is some great information from Jenilyn! Some of you remember (from the meeting in August) her saying she had a list of objections and the response she would use in front of her while making calls...
  14. I

    Mastering Objections: Effective Response Strategies for Sales Professionals

    Would someone who has good responses please post your notes for me and others. I'm good at getting the interest and getting to the point where I invite to meet me for coffee ~ how do you respond to a sudden objection? I freeze, not wanting to disrespect what they are saying. I'm working on...
  15. L

    Handling Objections? How Do You Handle Them?

    Hello all, I just listened to the handing objections teleclass and was curious, how do you handle the exuse, I just don't have the time. I got a few answers but it didn't really click with me.. can anyone else share on how YOU answer that question. I'd really like to become director...
  16. S

    How Effective Are Tele-Class Strategies for Handling Objections?

    Shoot - I just remembered that I had wanted to participate in the Responding To Objections Tele-Class last night and I totally forgot!!!!!!!!! Did anyone participate? Any good tips that you're willing to share? :mad:
  17. rachelpc

    Tele Classes: Recruiting & Responding to Objections Reviews

    I was wondering if any of you all have taken any of the tele classes and If so what you thought of them. I found the one on Recruting and the one on responding to objections very helpful.