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What is housewarming: Definition and 22 Discussions


    Doing a Housewarming Show Sunday

    I have a housewarming show for Sunday(my first one) and not sure how to handle the wish list part. I was thinking of doing a trifold board and cutting out all her wish list items and stick them on the left side and in the middle maybe some must have items and then on the third side as her...
  2. brandynichoal

    Successful Housewarming Party - Celebrating $800+ in Sales!

    my host was amazing, she did all she was asked and more. and her party was a great turn out..... her guests not only purchased great items for her and her fiancée (we did this as a housewarming party), her sales were a little over $800!! WOO HOO!!! Im so happy for her!!!
  3. B

    How Can I Combine a Cooking Show with My Friend's Housewarming?

    One of my best friends from growing up is moving into their first home and it's a dream house for them. GREAT kitchen. Anyways- I had asked if when i'm gonna be in a town in a few months if she'd wanna host a show for me and she definitely really wants to. Loves the idea of a cooking show-...
  4. H

    Housewarming Party Sorta Like a Registry

    Hi Cheffers, I need to run this pass you as I'm sure I'll get some great advice. I have a friend who is throwing a housewarming party. She registered at Home Depot but I asked her if she needed kitchen products she said "YES". So I immediately thought about the registry but it's for...
  5. krzymomof4

    Housewarming for Child: Throwing a Memorable Going Away Party for Your Son!

    I have a potential host who would like to have a show, but wants all the benefits to go to her son, which is fine. It was mentioned if we could do a housewarming party for him to get him set up. He is attending school or getting a job (I don't remember details) far away and is threatening to...
  6. S

    Throwing a Housewarming: Tips & Ideas for Beginners

    Not sure where to put this, but I have someone asking about a house warming. Is there any way to do this? I don't have a website yet, just started.
  7. H

    Throwing a Pampered Chef Housewarming Party: Ideas from a Mortgage Consultant

    Hi everyone, As some of you know I am a mortgage consultant and work with a builder. Well last month they were looking for ideas on how to get out of the box and find leads. I suggested a bridal fair and they loved it. Well, they booked one and can I tell you they are expensive. It's...
  8. K

    Housewarming Party with Pampered Chef: Sept 28th | Flyer Ideas & Recipes

    I have a host who would like to have a pampered chef/housewarming party. Sept 28th, She wanted some flyers made up (which is no prob) but I didnt know if anyone ha ever done this, or made any flyers for this? Also what recipe did you use. This will be my first show, so I need something that...
  9. K

    Housewarming Party Etiquette: Is It Tacky?

    Would it be tacky for a host to have a housewarming party? Has anyone done this before? If so how did it turn out?
  10. ted122781

    Host a Memorable Housewarming Party and Shower your Friend with Gifts!

    I have a host who wants to have a show in April, but I would like to make it a Housewarming Party. I've asked her, and she thinks that would be great; but she doesn't want me to do too much work. I've known this host for years, and she's had WAY MORE than her share of obstacles in her life. She...
  11. buzz26

    Housewarming Party Ideas: Tips for Throwing a Memorable Celebration

    Any ideas for housewarming shows?
  12. Brandi2007

    Planning a Housewarming Party: Ideas & Resources

    Any one have a flier made or any info/ ideas for a house warming party? I looked in the fliers section but didn't find anything. Sometimes it depends on how you type the key words in though. I am going to try just "house" or "home" now... any ideas are greatly welcomed!
  13. MeesMom3

    Upset After Unsuccessful Housewarming Pampered Chef Party

    I am really upset. I had a show this past weekend. It was suppose to be a housewarming show so I asked the hostess to get me a wishlist. She never did. She went on and on about how many of the people coming had never been to PC parties so I was going to get a lot of new customers. She had 26...
  14. Bren706

    Housewarming Show Ideas: Have You Done One? Share Your Tips!

    I have had a few people inquire as to whether I can do a housewarming show. Have any of you done one? Have any suggestions, ideas for me?
  15. Bren706

    Housewarming Show Ideas & Suggestions for New Consultants

    Has anyone done a show for a housewarming before? Any ideas, suggestions? I am a new consultant (Feb 8th was my first show) and have had a couple customers inquiring?
  16. jenniferlynne

    Setting Up Housewarming Gift Registry for a Burned-Down Home

    Ok, my cousin called me and said she would like to have a house warming party for her cousin (on the other side of her family), because her house burnt down right before Christmas. Now, my cousin wants the show sent in, in her name because her discount is getting ready to expire, but wants her...
  17. C

    Help! Need Tea for Housewarming Party ASAP!

    how or where to put this, but I am desperate!!! I am having a Housewarming party this Saturday, I thought I would get my shipment in before then, but I haven't. My dilema is: I wanted to serve the PC Tea. Where or how can I get ahold of this? Is there anything comparable? I want not only...
  18. T

    aPampered but "Poor" Housewarming Bbq...

    I am hoping to get everyone's feedback on this idea. My brother has just bought and moved into his very first home after a recent split with his girlfriend. Although their belongings were split between them equally, he doesn't have very much to fill his kitchen. I thought a great way to get him...
  19. A

    Housewarming: Come Celebrate Our New Home!

    Does anyone have any idea as to what to write on an invitation for a house warming party??
  20. jenniferlynne

    Hosting a Successful Housewarming Party: Tips for Throwing a Memorable Event

    Has anyone ever had a successful PC housewarming party? I offered to throw one for a friend of mine. Thing is, she has hosted two parties for me in the passed, one just a couple of months ago. I'm just wondering if people will think this is tacky. She has been married for several years and has 4...
  21. C

    What should I name my housewarming kitchen show?

    Ok.. I have a question. I am having a kitchen show next month and the lady having it for me has moved into a new house and she wants to have a show and invite her family to come to see her new house and see the show while they are there. And I thought that this could be a housewarming kind of...
  22. N

    Unique Housewarming Show Ideas to Wow Your Guests - Tips & Inspiration

    Please help with some Housewarming show ideas!!