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What is starters: Definition and 11 Discussions

  1. B

    What Questions Can You Ask to Start a Conversation with New Friends?

    While we eagerly await Waves 2 and 3, let's share questions you can ask new friends to get the conversation started at breakfast, lunch, dinner, and while waiting for a workshop to begin. * What's your favorite product? (an oldie but a goodie!) * What's your favorite new product? (one...
  2. P

    What Are Some Conversation Starters for a Bridal Expo and Holiday Bazaar Booth?

    I could use some suggestions for conversation starters for my booth. I have never done this before and have a bridal expo next weekend and a holiday bazaar next month. I am not sure what to say to the passersby. Both of them will be a bit different, as one will be focusing on the registry and...
  3. P

    Kudos to Self Starters: A Message of Appreciation for Newbies in Direct Sales

    I have to give all you newbies credit for self starting! I have been reading lots of post today (bored) And can not believe how many of you jumped in this group and get tons of info without even working with another consult, prior to signing up. I have a fairly new team, they wanted to join...
  4. jrstephens

    Looking for Old Guides to Training and Coaching Super Starters

    I had someone ask me if I had one of these and I have no clue where the ones I got when I started are. Does anyone have anything like this?
  5. ChefBurke

    Colleen Burke from FL - Top Super Starters in Recruiting Aug Month 3!

    Hey I just found & I'm SOOOOO excited! go to Consultants corner- search *Top Super Starters in Recruiting* then the first link that comes up when results appear for Aug. Now click on month 3!! The top one is ME!!! Colleen Burke from FL!!!! WOOHOOO!!!! I WILL HAVE TO PRINT TO PUT IN MY...
  6. L

    Top Super Starters In Sales - May #3: I'm #6!

    Check out the Top Super Starters in Sales for May - Month #3 - I'm the 6th one on the list - woo hoo!!!! I am so excited!!
  7. D_Patel

    Southern Success: Uncovering the Mystery of Super Starters' Recognition

    Have you looked at the super starters recongnition on the PC web site ?? How did they sell so much ?? Does it have something to do with Hurricane Katrina ?? I noticed it is all southern states one lady sold $29000.00 !!
  8. P

    Preparing for a Kitchen Show: Tips & Tricks

    Can anyone give me some advice on how to start a kitchen show? I feel like I've been flying by the seat of my pants with some of my shows and I would like to be more prepared. Does anyone take note cards with info on them? If so please let me know the outline of your shows. I have one in October...
  9. M

    My Super Starters! Flyer - Host & Guest Specials

    This is a flyer I created to highlight all of the host and guest specials available during the months that will be my Super Starters!! I am using it inside my show folders so that each guest gets to have a copy. Hopefully it will encourage some bookings!! This is my first flyer attempt... I...
  10. C

    Effective Training Tips for Super Starters - A Guide for Future Directors

    Hi Ladies! I am looking for a nice outline of what to cover with my Super Starters in my first few visits with them. Does anyone have a good outline of what to cover? My concern is that I will overwhelm them with information. I am very close to directorship, but training is not something...
  11. P

    Seeking Jan-April Charms from SS1s and Later Starters

    Hey guys, here's a question... my SS1 is May, and I've earned every charm I can so far (just the first one w/ bracelet, May, and HWC) and this charm collection is REALLY motivating me, for some reason!! Now here's my question... because it's my SS1, I obviously couldn't have earned Jan -...