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What is wonton: Definition and 25 Discussions

  1. naekelsey

    Discovering the Unnamed Wonton Holders on Page 3

    Does anyone know what the wonton things are called on page 3 in the catalog? They are on the Stackable Cooking Rack.
  2. Meigs

    Looking for Shrimp Wonton Recipe

    Hi Everyone, I have a guest looking for a Shrimp Wonton Recipe. She said it is made in the Mini muffin pan. Any ideas? Thanks in Advance!!!
  3. S

    Making Wonton Purses: Experiences with Raw Turkey Sausage?

    Has anyone made the Wonton Purses? Are they ever cute! But I have a question. I forgot that I had the turkey sausage in the fridge for that recipe and used it for something else. I wanted to try the recipe b/f a party Friday and decided to use deli turkey instead just to get how the recipe...
  4. J

    Delicious Snowman Appetizer Recipe: Try it Today!

    This recipe came with the Snowman Appetizer Plates. Anyone made it yet? It looks like it will be delicious. :chef:
  5. kam

    Another Review: Steamed Wonton Purses

    I finally had a chance to make these yesterday. They were really pretty good. I followed the directions exactly. First, I have never worked with ground turkey. It looks like ground beef - but it is way "mushier". Once I got over that, I was OK. I used level small scoops for each wonton and I...
  6. C

    Have you tried these delicious Steamed Wonton Purses with Ginger Wasabi sauce?

    We loved these! So much so, that I made them again tonight. The first time I made them, I made them exactly as written, other than I had to use cracker crumbs, because I didn't have bread crumbs. We had them with the Ginger Wasabi sauce. YUM! They didn't take long at all - 15 minutes...
  7. jrstephens

    Making Chocolate Mousse in Wonton Wrappers - Easy to Burn!

    My host could not find the phyllo shells so I told her to get wonton wrappers. I am making chocolate mousse to go in them. It has been a while since I cooked the wrappers in my mini muffin pan. Do you remember what temp and how long? I know they are EASY yo burn. Do I need to dust them...
  8. kcjodih

    What Are Wonton Skins? Where to Find Them?

    I noticed in the new SB the recipe for wontons calls for wonton skins? What are they? I've used wonton wrappers many times but have no idea what skins are. I'm thinking they're thinner.. Also, where would I find them? In the regular grocery store? If so, which section. I always find my...
  9. cwinter474

    Wonton Wrapper Mini-Muffins: A Delicious Twist on Taco Salad!

    I am thinking of using wonton wrappers in the mini-muffin pan and filling them with the meat recipe from the taco ring and covering them with cheese and then serving with finely chopped lettuce and tomatoes. Sorta like bite size taco salads. What do you think?
  10. R

    Need Wonton Wrapper Appetizer Recipes

    I'm doing an "Oscar Party" and need some recipes for appetizers with wonton wrappers done in the mini muffin pan. I think these look awesome, they give great "wow factor"...but wasn't crazy about the one artichoke recipe that I have. I tried doing a recipe search, but for some reason that part...
  11. Bren706

    Making Berry Wonton Wrappers: Ahead of Time or at the Show?

    For those that have made the Berry Wonton wrappers before, do you make the wrappers ahead of time and bring them to the show with you (ie. the night before) or is there enough time at the show (especially if I am making the brunch squares with it) for the baked wrappers to cool?
  12. kam

    Making the Perfect Dish: DH's Watery Gripe

    I made these a few weeks ago for DH and myself to test. I thought they were really good, but DH thought they were a little "watery". I have to agree a little with him though but I think it bothered him more than it bothered me. For anyone who has made these, are they a little watery and...
  13. smilesarepriceless

    Using Egg Roll Wraps for Elegant Artichoke Cups: A Wonton Wrapper Alternative

    Ok, for the elegant artichoke cups, that calls for wonton wrappers..I could only find egg roll wraps at my grocery store..Anyone ever use this? Is there a big difference?
  14. K

    Trouble Using Wonton Wrappers in Mini Muffin Pan?

    Has anyone had trouble using wonton wrappers in the mini muffin pan? I just made Asian-Style Wontons, and the wrappers came out of the oven all funny. They just didn't keep their shape in the cups, so some are flat, some are folded, and a few are okay. I didn't baste or spray them with oil...
  15. J

    Where Can I Find the Shrimp Wonton Recipe from Last Night's Show?

    If you have this recipe, please post it or send it to me. I went to watch a show last night and the consultant used this recipe! I want to use it at my shows!! I just can't find it:) Thanks!! jessica
  16. pckelly

    Mom Wants to Know: Wonton Cups with Shrimp Mixture Recipe

    There is a picture of come wonton cups filled with some kind of shrimp mixture on the page in the catalog that has the mini muffin pan. Anyone know what those are and where I can get the recipe, my mom is wanting to know.
  17. pamperedape

    Cooking with Mini Muffin Pans: Wonton Recipes Needed!

    I really want to show off my mini muffin pan with wontons, but can't locate many recipes. Anyone know of good ones?
  18. clshirk

    Wonton Dessert Recipes for Leftover Wontons | Easy and Delicious Ideas

    I have a ton of wontons due to my last show using them- they come in a massive pack- so I don't want to waste them. My shows next week have a main dish, but no dessert yet- any dessert recipes you know of to use with them? Little cheesecakes or something?
  19. jrstephens

    Delicious Berries and Wonton Cups Recipe for Your Next Grill Party

    Didn't we just have a recipe for this in Weekly Bites? I thought I saw this. I keep looking for it but cannot find it. I want to do this for a grilling show this weekend.
  20. T

    Can Wonton Cups Last Till Wednesday?

    Can you really keep the wonton cups up to one week after you bake them? I asked my recruiter if I could make them tonight for my open house on Wednesday and she said that they are really tempermental and would get soggy really easy...I don't know if she thought I was going to fill them tonight...
  21. C

    Need Recipe for Shrimp Wonton Cups...

    that is pictured on page 38 of the catalog. It says it's from the Celebrate! Cookbook. Anyone try these? They look delicious, and I have a host that wants me to do appetizers. Thanks, Beth in PA
  22. Shari'sKitchen

    Help with Mini Muffin Pan Wonton Wrappers - Shari's Quick Question

    Help... in the catalog there is a recipe in the mini muffin pan with wonton wrappers... anyone know how to do the wrappers? I want to bring something like that with me tonight but dont want to screw it up. Thanx Shari
  23. J

    Looking for a Berries N Cream Wonton Cup Recipe?

    Hey could someone post the berries and cream wonton cups recipe? I don't have my It's Good for You with me and my coworker needs the recipe... Thanks!!
  24. S

    Berry Wonton Cups - Where's the Recipe?

    Hello! Does anyone know where I can find the recipe for the berry wonton cups?
  25. P

    Berries N Cream Wonton Cups From Its Good for You Cookbook

    I am at work and a co-worker would like this receipe for tonight. Can anyone please help me out??? THANKS