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What is calzone: Definition and 13 Discussions

  1. F

    Ham & Cheese Calzones: Delicious Party Dish!

    Does anyone have a ham and cheese calzone recipe? Heard it was super good and great to make at a party.
  2. C

    Troubleshooting Ham and Cheese Calzone: Cooking Show Mishap

    I had a cooking show today and the bottom layer of the calzone didn't cook at all in the middle. The edges were great the top was great but the whole middle section didn't cook. Has anyone else had this problem? Any thoughts as to what may have happened?
  3. babywings76

    Can I use Virginia Ham for my Ham & Cheese Calzone?

    It's more of a question about the ham. (Man, it just wouldn't be dinnertime in my household w/o me having to have some sort of question about a recipe/food product!) :D The recipe says to use a smoked ham. Well, the deli guy had no idea what type of ham to give me. (that seemed kind of odd...
  4. kam

    Sneaking Mustard in Ham & Cheese Calzone - Reviews Needed!

    I am going to try to convince DH to let me make the Ham & Cheese Calzone for dinner tonight! There are only 2 of us, so I will make half a recipe and see how it turns out. The only hold up is the mustard - he hates mustard - and I am going to sneak it in. Has anyone made this yet and does it...
  5. D

    Cheeseburger in Paradise Stuffed Calzone Margaritaville

    anyone have the recipe for Cheeseburger in Paradise Stuffed Calzone ? or any other recipe using the bar pan in demo thanks!!
  6. kaceyleigh2

    Grocery Shopping for Family Style Calzone: Hot Roll Mix Substitute?

    I'm making a list of ingredients I need at the grocery store for the Family Style Calzone in the Celebrate cookbook. I don't have the Pantry Piza Crust so it says to substitute with a 16 oz. pkg of a hot roll mix? What exactly is this? Thanks in Advance!
  7. muffetts

    Delicious Calzone Recipe Found for Customer Using Stoneware Muffin Baker

    I have a customer at a show in March looking for a recipe for calzones using the Stoneware Muffin Baker - does this sound familiar to anyone? I'd love to make her happy to have found it for her!:p
  8. AJPratt

    Italian Sausage Side by Side Calzone

    Has anyone made this for a show? Any tips? I made this at home once, but it was a while ago.
  9. I

    Sausage Calzone??? Have You Made Them?

    There is an Italian Sausage Calzone recipe in this season's Season's Best ~ has anyone tried them? Or the Pepporoni Twist recipes? Feedback please. I have my 1st couples show on Friday and I'm nervous!
  10. C

    Calzone Recipes: Italian & Mexican Varieties

    Does anyone have the calzone recipes? I am looking for the Italian & Mexican ones.. Thanks~
  11. C

    Can anyone share the recipe for a Cheeseburger Stuffed Calzone?

    Does anyone have the recipe? I can't find it in the cookbooks. Thanks, Sandy
  12. K

    Help Needed: Italian Stuffed Calzone Recipe

    Hi Everyone, I am still pretty new to PC and I need some serious recipe help. I have a show tomorrow and of course my Host chose a recipe I have never tried before because they didn't like the choices I gave them. Now to make it worse they only decided yesterday! I am making...
  13. DebPC

    I Made the Italian Calzone for a Show the Other Night and the

    I made the Italian Calzone for a show the other night and the Cheeseburger one for a Host Apprec. event last night--tonight I'm making the Mexican. So far they have all been a big hit! I'm doing them on my Rectangle stone and not tweaking the ingredients at all and they work out really nicely...