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What is silk: Definition and 14 Discussions

  1. C

    Recipe for French Silk Pie Needed

    We're having a b-day party for my dad's 70th on Saturday and he loves French Silk Pie. Anyone have a tried and true recipe? Thanks
  2. babywings76

    Chocolate Mint Silk Torte Vs. Creme De Menthe Cheesecake?

    Anyone made either of these before? Recommendations? Tips? Preference?
  3. A

    Want a Free Silk Handkerchief with Your Next Tour Package Brochure?

    Rating: -2 Posted By: wheezzee Views: 573 Replies: 6 "Also as our gift to you, included in every tour package brochure is a specially designed Chinese Silk woven handkerchief. This $10 value is yours free for requesting our brochure." Click HereMore Online Coupons from Fatwallet.com.Get the...
  4. J

    Have you tried a Chocolate Mint Silk Torte without mint extract?

    Hi everyone- I have made the silk tort recipe form the new seasons best in two shows and it is a great show recipe (I bake the tortes in advance) but I have come across a few people who don't care for mint. One of my guests said that "Andies Candies" come in other flavors (ie choc/rasp and...
  5. L

    Question About Chocolate Mint Silk Torte

    I am making this tonight for company and I couldn't find the chocolate mint candies. Are these hard candies? Is there anything else I could use? Thanks for you help
  6. PC_CPR

    Choc Mint Silk Torte Alternative

    Hi, Has anybody done this torte without peppermint? I'm not big on the mint.... Any suggestions for a substitution? Thanks!
  7. quiverfull7

    Chocolate Silk Mousse in Crispy Shells

    I HAD this recipe... now I cannot locate it. I need to send a host her grocery list... sigh.. .could someone help me out.. I've searched all over and in these files and on CC and cannot find it... Help :)
  8. quiverfull7

    Chocolate Silk Mousse Filling Question

    Can the filling for this mousse be made all the way to hold for the demo or will it get too stiff to push through the EAD?
  9. P

    Mousse Mixing Struggles: Julie's Search for Solutions

    I have been making this mousse at a number of shows and I always seem to have the same problem when mixing it. When I add half of the whipped topping to the cream cheese/chocolate mixture it gets kind of clumpy and takes forever to fold in. Does anyone else have this problem and do you have...
  10. H

    Chocolate Silk Mousse in Crepe Cups

    I made the Chocolate Silk Mousse last night for a dinner party I had at my house and it was awesome! The one thing that frustrated me was making the crepe cups. Whenever I went to fold the crepes to cut them, they broke in half. So, I ended up just cutting them in circles and then placing...
  11. momoftwins

    Chocolate Silk Mousse in Crispy Shells

    I am making these at a show on Sunday and am wanting to know if anyone has any tips for them. I have never made them before but have the ingredients to make them at home and will try them tomorrow or Thursday. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, what other products would you...
  12. C

    Mint Chocolate Silk Pie Recipe Download

    Does anyone have this recipe in a word file?
  13. Petra

    Petra's Dilemma: Making Crispy Crepe Shells for a 'Death by Chocolate' Show

    :confused: Hello everyone! I have a "Death by chocolate show" tomorrow and I am preparing the crispy crepe shells today. This is the 3rd time that I am trying to make these shells and I am not able to unfold the crepes entirely. I have also tried to cut out a circle of the already quartered...
  14. N

    Chocolate Silk Mousse in Crispy Shells Tip

    I'm making it right now- but using prep bowls upside down instead of aluminum foil for baking the crepes. It's working great! But they sort of slide around on the stone, so be careful. It was my husband's idea, I have to give him credit.