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What is balancing: Definition and 12 Discussions

  1. V

    Balancing Pampered Chef & Maternity Leave?

    I'm new to PC now about 2 months or so. I'm 5 mo preggo and doing well! But, I have questions, I see where to remain an active consultant you still need to sell $150 worth of products per month....right? I will be having a csection (most likely Feb) and my husband is only able to take off a...
  2. chefkathy

    Balancing Show Payments: Host's $98 CC Charge

    Okay, so closing the show.....host says put $100 on my mom's card--she was using the half price items to get a new skillet. So I do that and tell the host her total. I write down her CC# but not the total I told her. We also apply mom's card to sister's order. Sister's order is $78...
  3. T

    Balancing Life: Tips for Managing Home, Business, and Team Coaching

    For those of you have a team of 5 or more consultants.... How do you balance home life, your own business and coaching/training a team????
  4. beepampered

    Saving Credit Card Info for Show Balancing - Is It Possible?

    My debit card number automatically enters when I go to close a show. My credit card does not and I'm tired of entering it. Is there a way for the PC credit card to automatically list itself in the payment options when trying to balance a show....Thanks....
  5. 28sal

    Need Help Balancing Show Payments

    i jsut had a show. the daughter was the host. so, the mother wants to purchase an item under her daughters hoost credit and regular priced items and she wrote me one check for everything. my question is how do i enter all this info into the pp+ so that her mother can get the host credit item and...
  6. PCSarahjm

    Balancing Work, Shows & Family: How Cheffers Do It

    How many shows does each cheffer do a month? I am work a fulltime job 8-5 M-F and do PC on the side. I only do 3-4 shows a month. Plus have a 19mth old little boy at home. I want to start doing a few more but thought I would see what everyone else does and plan around that. So how does...
  7. C

    Balancing Pampered Chef Business and Home Life: Advice Needed

    O.K. guys, I need some help. My husband is questionning me on how much time I spend on PC if I am making enough. I work full time, so PC is a part time business for me. I started this to make extra money to cover expenses, etc. Most of the money I make goes back into my business for...
  8. P

    Teacher Success: Balancing Work and School Life

    I've had quite a few leads who are teachers but they always tell me they just don't have time during the school year but maybe in the summer. Any one out there a teacher who can share how they manage both? I'd love to share your stories/experiences with my potential recruits. Thanks!:D
  9. M

    Cheryl's Schedule: Balancing Work, Kids, and Shows

    Hello Everyone, I was wondering how everyone does their business, plus work full-time and organize your children's after school activities? I was thinking maybe, I would do a show on Saturday night and then on Sunday. Here is what my schedule is like: I work from 9 am to 6 pm. My...
  10. DebbieJ

    Why are my September show balances off by one penny each?

    I have two shows from September that were already submitted. I looked back at them today and now both of them are not balanced. They are both off by one penny. On one I overpaid by a penny and on the other I underpaid by a penny. This is very strange! Any ideas on what could have...
  11. A

    Balancing a Job and Pampered Chef

    Hi All, Okay, I need some help... I have been for the past year balancing a 24hr/7day a week job (I'm in maritime shipping in regards to daily operations of vessels), so I work with during the week from 7:30 - 7:30 and I'm on call all the time.. I've been steadily doing about 2-3 PC shows a...
  12. DebPC

    Balancing Phone Time & Kids with Pampered Chef: A Creative Solution

    Balancing Pampered ChefOne thing I heard when it comes to balancing phone time & kids which I thought was a great idea is have her go to a $1 store & pick out 10 or so items/toys. Put them in a box marked Phone time. The only time the kids get to play with these particular toys is when mom...