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    Need recipes for special diets

    special recipes I am new to PC and have already come across some people who want diabetic recipes, and recipes for people on the southbeach diet. I'm researching special tastes recipes for those with dietary conserns. I haven't found many sugar free desert recipes, or recipes without flour. I...
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    Has anyone tryed to make a cake in the mini oval baker that comes in the starter kit?

    I keep reading about the 10-12 minute cake made in the fluted pan and want to try it, but don't have the pan yet! I have been thinking about trying it out on my mini oval pan as I have not used it yet. Has anyone tryed this? Does anyone have any good recipe suggestions for this pan as well...
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    Diabetic Recipes

    This was hard for me too. One of my first shows was for a diabetic couple. I made up a boxed angelfood cake in the spring form pan brogut it to the show already prepared as it takes 45 min to bake. At the show let the guest see it in the pan and talk about the pan, reliece it and slice the cake...
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    Outside Order Forms

    Heres my July OOF I found someone elses I liked and modified it. I'm working on August. If they need a reciept at the show just write out another order form for them. Ask them if they don't mind waiting until they get their orders so you can give them an official reciept with the return policy...
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    Question about Tax

    I struggled with this one I called home office and talked to many consultants. I've been told and follow this method. Taxes are based uppon shipping location unless the purchaser is an Oregon resident, in which case they must show a valid Oregon Drivers licence so I can collect their, name...
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    Looking for pink champagne cake recipe

    Someone sent me one recipe for this cake, but I'm wondering if PC has published a recipe for this cake. I'd like to make this cake in my bar pan for a bridal shower to make petite fours or maybe even make this as a 12 minute cake in the fluted stone ware pan in the microwave. Could anyone help...
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    Anyone use a host guide in catalogue show packets?

    I'm still in my first Super Starter month and starting to do catalogue shows. I want to include a host guide to help my hosts understand how to fill out order forms, how their host points work when ordering, and how to make a successful show. I'm working on a rough outline now. Does anyone...
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    Anyone ever made the Banana Toffee Pizza??

    caramel for Taffy apple pizza I'm a bit of a traditional cook and like to make things from scratch. I made the Taffy apple pizza which calls for a sugar cookie dough for the pizza base. I made the dough from scratch and it turned out ok. I have to say it was a bit thin. I also think the more...
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    How do you know if a Kiwi is ripe or not?

    Quick tip on kiwis Kiwi can be used as a meet tenderizer for beef and pork, and it only takes a little. Say you have 1lb of a tough cut of meet. Slice off about 1/8 of the kiwi, peal it then mash it up. You can use this mashed kiwi in a marinade but it makes things kind of gritty. Spread the...
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    Fundraiser I'm confused

    Here’s my situation. I live in Vancouver, WA right now, but am moving the 30th to Las Vegas, NV. I recently became qualified as a consultant and earned my first super starter bonus! :D I have put in a request to field services for a request to bump my SS month one to next month because of my...
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    Ordering just the 13 1/2 inch bamboo tongs?

    I had a guest at a show I did a couple days ago that asked about the 13 1/2 inch bamboo tongs that come with the grill pan. She doesn't want the pan, just the tongs. Is there any way to order just the tongs?
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    Members Where do you Live?

    sorry. Racheal, oops sorry I spelled your name wrong. I think it's bed time.
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    Members Where do you Live?

    Washington to Nevada Hi everyone. I'm in Vancouver, Washington, just north of the Columbia River and Portland Oregon. I just started Pampered chef this month. My first show is this Friday and I haven't made my outline yet! :eek: I'll be moving to Las Vegas Nevada at the end of next month and...
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    Hey Chefs!! How old are you??

    Hi everyone. This is my first posting. I'm 24, will be 25 in September. I love Pampered Chef products! I sign up to become a consultant next monday. I already have 2 shows booked, and 3 tentative. This is going to be great. I finally found something I can feel good about doing and make money at...