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  1. AmyjonesPC

    Cut my Hair......

    HELP!!!! I need some catchy phrases to combine two idea's that I have. I want to do a HWC Online Fundraiser show and combine that with a Locks of Love Donation. I have at least 14 inches of hair that I can cut off and donate to locks of love, so I want to have every $100 in sales count...
  2. AmyjonesPC

    Need help Items not in for V-day delivery

    HELP! Items not in for V-day delivery :eek: I submitted a show and it is not going to be in on time for valentines day. I know there are two things that are V-day gifts. I want to make a flyer to give to guest to put in her husbands card. She ordered the Lg Bar Pan and MEasure mix n...
  3. AmyjonesPC

    How to order free receipts??

    Can someone post how to add the free receipts to PP?
  4. AmyjonesPC

    Booking while at someone elses party

    I would suggest you talk to the consulant before you start handing out flyers at her event. I know I would not like for a jewerly consultant to start passin gout flyers at my show!
  5. AmyjonesPC

    Grill Pan Question

    Does the exec grill pan have the flared edges for dripless pouring?? What makes it different from the prof?? I know about the temp differences and non-stick inside and out, anything else different?
  6. AmyjonesPC

    Recruiting Mishap

    If you were to "give" her 4 catalog shows, that she did no work for, wouldn't that be cheating to win the incentive??
  7. AmyjonesPC

    Anyone a member of BNI????

    www.BNI.com This is a referral organization similar to The Chamber. This organization really focuses on referring business to each other and the groups around here are wonderful. My questions are: Is anyone currently a member of BNI? If so, are you getting a lot of business from it...
  8. AmyjonesPC

    Promoting Outlet Items

    How is everyone promoting the new outlet. They just changed the items and I want to send out someting to a few people, but don't know what I should send...
  9. AmyjonesPC

    Why is it taking so long to ship?-Vent

    I submitted a show on Oct 8th and it still has not shipped! Anyone heard why it is taking so long to ship everything? I know that in the past shipping has taked a long time, but this past year it has always shipped in 2 days. I've had to disappoint a host because she ordered both the deep...
  10. AmyjonesPC

    Free Newsletter

    WOW! I think this was written to me. I could have said, Dear Amy,
  11. AmyjonesPC

    I Need a Rectangle Baker Lid

    I am also looking for a lid, please let me know if you have one! Thanks, Amy
  12. AmyjonesPC

    Phone Follow Up Fright: HELP!!!

    I too hate to make calls and if I did I know my business would skyrocket!!! Put a $ on the phone and think of every call as money in your pocket....
  13. AmyjonesPC

    Proposal Letter for Fundraiser ASAP

    Does anyone have a letter they used for a school to pitch a fundraiser to them? Something like: Dear Board Member, I would like to offer the opportunity of a PC Fundraiser ETC. I need it ASAP
  14. AmyjonesPC

    Kid's Consignment Show's

    1.75 per hour Anyone doing these kid's consigment shows? There were about 6 in my area and 5 already had PC consultants. The one that I got is for 28 hours over 5 days for $50. It comes out to 1.75 per hour.
  15. AmyjonesPC

    What happens after signing up?

    check your email tomorrow and you get a welcome email with your consultant number and password to access consultant's corner