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Pampered Chef: Sales Using Personal Website to Increase Sales!

  1. :chef: I have been a consultant for just now 2 months and my last couple of shows I have done this and almost doubled my sales!! Give it a try it is worth it!

    The day after your show log on to your Web Site assistant and make a list of all the guests that your hostess invited. Compare it to the show and find which people didnt attend or order. Call your hostess and say something like this...

    "Hey Jane! What a fantastic turn out last night. Listen I was looking at your wish list and I know you really want everything for free so I was thinking we should take a few minutes and all call "Sally", "Marie", "Becky", and "Donna" since they werent able to make it to your party. I am sure they dont want to miss out on the deals! Oh and another thing. If you can get them all to place at least a $30 dollar order you will get everything on your wish list for free!"

    **of course you cant say this for every situation so taylor it to the hostess**

    Coach your hostess to call all the guests and get more orders. Number 1 it will impress the hostess that you took the time to focus on her show and guests, number two its going to increase your sales, number three your hostess will be happier that she got more free stuff so she is going to tell people and get you more bookings!!

    I hope this helps everyone. The last party I did ended the night in just over $300. I called my hostess the next day, used the technique above and closed at $580 in commisionable sales!! This really works!!:chef:
  2. pcchefjane

    pcchefjane Senior Member Gold Member

    Great idea! Sometimes though in today's economy, the people don't come because they don't have the money to buy anything. That happened to a recent host from my Recruit. She had the Host call and from what she told my Recruit, it backfired in that the ladies didn't like being called because they were embarassed...
    Apr 30, 2009
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