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Cookware Booking Activity and Drawing


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Apr 14, 2004
I have bought the cookware and had a giveway. My team has done it for the past 3 or 4 years. We started with the Gen II set (didn't yet have the Prof.), then we went on to the 4-piece set and a couple of extra items so there were 3 winners. Last year we have several pieces of open stock cookware and stoneware. Whoever wants to participate puts in $20 and then we decide what we want to give away depending on how much money we have and buy the items in April during KE. We do this for summer bookings because we tend to get some, but many cancel or reschedule. We give tickets for the following:

Host a show (1)
Keep original date (5)
$100 in sales (1 for every $100)
Bookings (1 for each)
$1000 show (5 more)

Each person keeps track of how many entries their hosts get and we draw at our September meeting and call the people from my speaker phone. We let the 1st person drawn pick their prize and keep going. It is lots of fun and these hosts are talking about it to all of there friends.

Give it a try to get those bookings! It's worked for my team.

Angela Schmidtgall