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Pampered Chef: Sales Tax question

  1. WendyAebi

    WendyAebi Member

    I've been a consultant for less than a year so I haven't gone through a tax season yet. Last night something occurred to me just as I was about to fall asleep and it jolted me awake... Are we responsible for paying all the sales tax collected on our orders or does PC pay it?

    Thanks so much for any information anyone has on this. I really don't think I'll be able to sleep until I know!!

    (siggy still in progress!)
    Aug 25, 2005
  2. luvs2sellit

    luvs2sellit Advanced Member

    I am no quit sure I understand your question. :confused: You should be charging a sales tax on all orders therefore paying that to PC when you submit your order. Tax is included in the total. Does that answer your question or did I miss the point?
    Aug 25, 2005
  3. Ann F

    Ann F Advanced Member Gold Member

    Not to worry. You're guests are paying the sales tax to PC and PC then pays the taxes.
    Aug 25, 2005
  4. WendyAebi

    WendyAebi Member

    Thanks, Ann, that's what I was asking. Whew!!
    Aug 25, 2005
  5. ladybug

    ladybug Member

    Explain like I'm 2 years old!!

    You ladies are speaking code to me!!! :confused: I would have answered like the second posting, not knowing what in the world you meant about paying taxes. I understand we don't have to, but what did you mean to begin with?? I am not familiar with the tax stuff at all and would love to understand!!

    I love to learn everyday and I am curious about this! TIA
    Aug 26, 2005
  6. chef_leeanne

    chef_leeanne Member Silver Member

    When you make a purchase you are taxed. The business with whom you have made this purchase is collecting and temporarily holding this sales tax for the government. Then at the end of each month the business calculates how much sales tax they have collected for that month from the daily sales reciepts then sends that collected monies on to the Department of Revenue.

    Hope that clarifies for you! :D

    Lee Anne
    Aug 26, 2005
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