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Income Tax Question for wanna be Consultant...

Apr 13, 2006
Hi there,
I'm currently considering becoming a Pampered Chef Consultant...

The only thing holding me back is the issue of taxes..

I currently have a full time salary... How does the Pampered Chef program work come tax time? I'm afraid that because I already work full time, that all my pampered chef earnings will go right to the government when it comes time to file my incomes tax.

Does anyone else here work full time? And live in Canada? How do you claim the additional income from Pampered Chef? Do you automatically deduct your own income tax to pay back later? Does Pampere Chef provide you with a statement of earnings?

This is the only thing holding me back..

Any help is appreciated!!!
Apr 13, 2006
Thanks Cheryl,

I'll let you know if I have any more questions...

Right now I'm curious as to all the things I can write off!