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New packing slips


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Jan 21, 2005
I just received my first show shipment (had it go to my house) with the new packing slips and have a few suggestions to share with your hosts:

When the host opens the boxes she should write the box number on the inside flap of each box (it's marked on the shipping label but the writing is small and when the box is opened you'd have to reclose every time to see which box you have). Alternately, she could just put the boxes in a row with #1 on the right, then #2, etc...

If the past host ordered the monthly host special it will be listed with the host's order. I thought this would be confusing to a host because it looks like the item is HERS but HO told me that the host knows who it would belong to and that when they are pulling the host specials they just automatically go to the host, even if it's a past host. If the past host only ordered the special she will not get a separate packing slip with her name on it. I would give the host a heads-up on this.

The individual order slips are NOT receipts but they are GREAT!!! They have complete consultant contact information on them. It is much faster to separate the order with them and much easier to not miss an item for a guest!! :D The host should be reminded to put the "official" receipt in the bag with the order for their guests.


Apr 22, 2005
Thanks for those tips!!

Sometimes, I have ordered small items on orders if they're a couple of bucks from getting a free item so that I could get the free item (example: cookbooks that were on sale last month). I guess with this new system, that won't be happening, huh?


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Mar 29, 2005
You could still do it this way if your host looks at the official receipt you gave her. Right?


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Feb 2, 2005
Just tell your host that it belongs to you. Any time I tack an order onto someone's show...whether it is another guest or a personal thing...I always print a letter to the host thanking her and giving her the show info...when to expect shipment, etc...and list items that I will pick up because they belong to someone who is not one of her guests. Print the hosts receipt before you add anything to her order. That way there is no confusion.