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Directors Cluster Meeting Guide in Consultant News

Apr 8, 2005
Hi All,
I am a Future Director with 4 signed, working on #5 and I am eager to begin planning my own Cluster Meetings. I understand that the Director's Edition of the CN has a guide each month on planning Cluster Mtgs. Are any of the Director's out there willing to share what that looks like?

Just looking to get a head start so that I can hit the ground running!

Thanks in advance!



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Gold Member
Apr 10, 2005
Work with your Director

Have you approached your Director about having you included in her planning of the meetings? I know my Director has developed a "Leadership Team" that meets the week before the meeting and assigns us each a portion of the meeting to head. We each get a copy of the planner, and it has helped to:

  1. Increase attendance...more people participating, means different view points are shared, which means more people attend
  2. Training for leadership...most of us plan to continue meeting as a group, but this way we are prepared if our Director is not there, or if we move and need to develop our own meetings

You have nothing to lose by asking! Even if you are with a "Hospitality Director" he/she may be willing to work with you!