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What is fizz: Definition and 18 Discussions

  1. babywings76

    Making Sorbet for a Party: 14 oz of Haagen Dazs & Sherbet Substitute?

    I've never made this before but it sounds so good, I thought I'd make it for my party tomorrow. I went shopping today and had a hard time finding "Sorbet". I saw a small 14 oz container of Haagen Dazs (sp?) brand. That was it. Tons of sherbet though. So I just picked up one of those 14 oz...
  2. L

    Cran Raspberry Fizz: A Refreshing Drink for Tonight's Show | 7up Substitute

    HI I am making this for a show tonight. I picked up 7up instead of ginger ale, do you think it will taste ok? I really don't feel like going back to the store today. Thanks
  3. ChefPaulaB

    Making Jerk Chicken Nachos: Tips & Ideas for Non-Alcoholic Drinks!

    Okay, I was thinking about making this tonight for company. I've never made it but have heard good things. I'm making Jerk Chicken Nachos and usually I serve margaritas or beer with this, but my friend is undergoing cancer treatment and can't have alcohol, so I thought I'd try something...
  4. ChefJoyJ

    Thawing Concentrate for Cran Raspberry Fizz: A How-To Guide

    Do you thaw the concentrate for the cran raspberry fizz before making? When reading the directions it said pour the concentrate in, but if it is frozen, it's less of a pour and more of a plop. :)
  5. kcjodih

    Sink Fizz - How Much Do They Weigh

    I believe they come in a pack of 6 and someone in Indiana is looking for some. I told them I could order them off my website right now and then ship them but she's looking for a price for shipping and I have NO idea what they weigh so no way to look it up on the postal site. I've never even...
  6. E

    Looking for Fizz Thingys for Soda Bottles

    Hi Everyone, I know I saw here not that long ago I thought (or I may just be losing my mind) that someone had those fizz thingys for soda bottles. I wasn't around when they were around and don't know the technical term, but I have a gentleman looking for them now. Please send me a PM if you...
  7. PamperedDor

    Cran Raspberry Fizz Recipe Needed!

    Hi Guys - I am going to a bbq in a few hours - wanted to make the cran raspberry fizz with vodka in it - anyone have the recipe? I can't find it on CC or in the files here - Thanks!
  8. P

    Party Tonight: Cran-Raspberry Fizz Recipe

    Hi All! I have my first real party outside of my group of friends and family. :) The hostess has decided on 3 recipes, 2 of which I am doing before guests arrive and the Cran-Raspberry Fizz is what I am demoing. My question is do I still use the 3 cups of water if I'm also using the 2 cups...
  9. wadesgirl

    Jamaican Jerk Nachos/Cran-Raspberry Fizz Interactive Show

    Tomorrow is my first interactive show. I'm going off things I've read here and a file I found (thanks to whomever, not good with names!). Here is the document I came up with to keep me on track. I'm just afraid I've missed a step or product. How does it look?
  10. rennea

    Cran-Raspberry Fizz Recipe for Your Big Staff Party - Tips & Tricks

    Tonight is my big staff party and I am making the Cranberry Raspberry Fizz for it. I've never made it before and was wondering how far in advance does anyone think I could make it up? Is it meant to be "slushy-ish"? Sorry if this is a stupid question.:o
  11. dns2202

    Searching for Substitute Fruits for a Recipe

    Can someone post this recipe? I can't find my SB. What other fruits could you use for this?? Thanks!
  12. L

    Adding a Kick to Your Show: Alcoholic Beverage Recipe

    One on my customers is wanting to serve an alcoholic beverage at her show. With this recipe in mind - what would you add to this to give it a little kick??
  13. L

    Anyone Try the New Cran-Raspberry Fizz Drink?

    I'm looking for a summery drink that would go with what we're making tomorrow night. My host asked for the 3-cheese pizza and then for dessert we're doing the mini cream cheese brownies in the mini-muffin pan. I've been worried that the cran-raspberry fizz might be too strong. I was also looking...
  14. S

    Discover Sink Fizz: Clarifying Supply Order Quantity and Pricing | FAQ for Susan

    On the supply order it says 1 and the price is 5.40, in the catalog you get 6 for 9.00. Does the 1 mean one set of 6? or just one tablet? Thanks Susan
  15. andiphant

    Sink Fizz Door Prizes for Your Next Event: A Great Way to Sample and Sell!

    I am brand new, my first show will be June 10th. I was just wondering if anyone has used the Sink Fizz's for door prizes. I think they'd be great. You could wrap each one individually in cellophane and even use a little Twixit Clip to close up the package. Then if the guest likes it they'll be...
  16. A

    Sink Fizz Tablets: Fun Party Trick for SS1 Hosts!

    Hi- I'm in SS1 and I just bought a box of the sink fizz tablets, thinking I might use them for small prizes during the show. But they are not packaged very attractively, and I'm figuring nobody will grasp the full greatness of the sink fizz tablets, so now I'm just thinking of popping one in...
  17. C

    Sink Fizz Tablets: Have You Tried It? Questions for Vicki~

    Have any of you tried the sink fizz tablets? I tried them for the first time today and I don't know if I am stupid or what but it says to drop it in the water unwrapped. I did that and it didn't do anything. I finally gave up and unwrapped it and it worked fine. What did I do wrong? Any...
  18. S

    Sink Fizz, Soap and Lotion Tags/Labels

    does anybody give out sink fizz tablets as either host thankyous or guests prizes? I have made a label/tag in Word for the tablets, and i bought baggies that fit the tablets. I have decided that half the guests dont know/overlook the product, and yet have no clue that it helps deodorize their...