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    Sink Fizz Tablets

    Hi- I'm in SS1 and I just bought a box of the sink fizz tablets, thinking I might use them for small prizes during the show. But they are not packaged very attractively, and I'm figuring nobody will grasp the full greatness of the sink fizz tablets, so now I'm just thinking of popping one in...
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    Sink Fizz Tablets

    Have any of you tried the sink fizz tablets? I tried them for the first time today and I don't know if I am stupid or what but it says to drop it in the water unwrapped. I did that and it didn't do anything. I finally gave up and unwrapped it and it worked fine. What did I do wrong? Any...
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    Sink fizz, Soap and Lotion tags/labels

    does anybody give out sink fizz tablets as either host thankyous or guests prizes? I have made a label/tag in Word for the tablets, and i bought baggies that fit the tablets. I have decided that half the guests dont know/overlook the product, and yet have no clue that it helps deodorize their...