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Sink fizz, Soap and Lotion tags/labels


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Apr 21, 2005
does anybody give out sink fizz tablets as either host thankyous or guests prizes? I have made a label/tag in Word for the tablets, and i bought baggies that fit the tablets. I have decided that half the guests dont know/overlook the product, and yet have no clue that it helps deodorize their sink and drain and helps protect icky build up in sink and drain. I have had several orders from doing this already, and hope it works well for everyone else too. File for tags/labels attached (Word doc). Also have included labels for soap and lotion samples (w/ soap and lotion sample labels, there is a space available to put your information for reorders, but on the sink fizz, i felt it more important to put use and care instructions in that space)


  • Sink fizz labels.doc
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  • hand lotion samples.doc
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  • hand soap samples.doc
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