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Tips From Nancy Jo Ryan on Fall Products

Jul 27, 2004
Fall Season
Popular fall items (sold during preview month):
Fork &Spoon
Toaster Bags (be sure to use in wide-slice toaster)
Worked well to reheat pizza. Cheese didn’t stick, but only a small piece can fit.
Entertaining Set –Display at parties and introduce Simple additions as a concept.
“And if you’re not a B&W person, look what we’ve got now”
Pie Gate
Kid’s Cookie products

Most people bring only the products they need to create the recipe, and other personal favorite products or new products. Most are making only 2 trips into the home.

View smaller shows as an opportunity to get to know the people and seek recruiting opportunities.

Tell guests, “I don’t bring everything to the shows. I bring the tools I need.” Refer people to the catalog and let them know that you own everything in the catalog. “That’s one of the benefits of being a director with The Pampered Chef, they give you products for free.”

If you bring too much products, people may perceive that it costs a lot to be in the business.

Suggestion: Keep a crate in the car filled with products that you aren’t going to bring in, but you can go get if someone wants to see it.

Ask hosts, “Is there anything else you plan to serve to your guests?” When you hear her plans, you can help he decide if you should make the dessert or appetizer. Say, “What we have found is that people want to have some time to socialize. If I make my demonstration too long, they won’t get to do that.”

Include “added value” tips throughout your demo. This makes their time away from home at your show a valuable use of time. “You never want to miss a Pampered Chef Show. Every consultant has new things to teach you.”

Offer to let Hosts use Simple Additions to serve other food at the Show.

Always let people know…”if there is something that you buy that you didn’t actually see tonight and you are disappointed with it for any reason, all of our products have a 1 year guarantee. (explain guarantee). You can buy with confidence!”

If you do your dishes at the Host’s home, use that time to “chat” about the PC business.

Use parchment paper with stones to make your clean up easy