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Ultimate Slice & Grate by Nancy Jo Ryan

Jul 27, 2004
The Ultimate!
Focusing on higher priced items at our Shows is one sure way to increase our party average. One of my favorite items to talk about is the Ultimate Slice &Grate. Although this product is one of our higher priced items, it is still a bargain for our customers at $45.00. Stainless steel mandolins sell for around $199. Our Ultimate Slice &Grate delivers the same slicing and grating results for an incredibly reasonable price. Of course, if a Host selects the Ultimate Slice &Grate as a half-price item, she will only pay $22.50! What a great reason to host a Show!

I’ve been selling these like crazy because I honestly believe that everyone needs an Ultimate Slice &Grate in their home kitchen. It is my favorite product to equip every cook with and I ALWAYS talk about it at my Shows.

I usually say something like:

“The reason I love this so much is because it helps me get fresh food into my family probably three times as much as I used to. I even store it on top of my dishes because if I’m using real plates, I’m using my Ultimate Slice &Grate! Not only will it slice tomatoes beautifully, you can also make perfect slices of onions, pepper strips and cucumbers. You can grate with it. You can shred with it. You can julienne your zucchini and carrots and get everything ready for stir fry or salad in no time. Fresh is best. Processed foods are so much more expensive. As soon as you get home from the grocery store, wash your vegetable. Then use your Slice &Grate to prepare any vegetables ahead of time. Store them in individual zip lock baggies and keep them in the front of your refrigerator where they will be easily accessible. You’ll find you and your family members will be reaching for those prepared veggies first and eating healthier!
I feel so good about getting salads, fruits and veggies into my family cause I know they are eating right then. One of the best things about this product is that it’s only $45. A stainless steel mandolin (which is the same thing as the Ultimate Slice &Grate), usually sells for about $199. Our Slice &Grate is dishwasher safe and I’m still using the same one I bought almost 18 years ago.”

I generally use the Ultimate two or three times throughout the Show. I ask my Hosts to provide one cucumber and 2 large carrots for their demonstration. I use these vegetables to show the many slicing/grating blades on this product. I’ll use the cucumber to show the 3 different slicing blades AND the julienne blade. I’ll also julienne, slice and grate the carrots.

If I am making wraps at a Show, I'll slice the red pepper really thin. First I’ll clean out the pepper, cut it in half and go along the edge to make thin strips. I also prefer to slice the cucumber very thin for the wraps. When you demo these delicious sandwiches, teach your guests how to roll the wrap so the ingredients stay in place. You do this by laying the ingredients in the same direction and rolling the wrap around the ingredients.

You can also ask your guests “Who has this product?” and “What do you use if for?” In addition to their suggestions, you can add these ideas:

Hash browns
Potato pancakes
Slices of apples
Cucumber salad
Pizza toppings: peppers, pepperoni
Slice leftover roasts – Remove fat and slice when meat is cold. Enjoy fresh roast beef sandwiches for half the cost of deli meat and without any preservatives!

Let customers know that this product will pay for itself in no time!
Mar 27, 2005
The US & G can be very dangerous, though. I had stitches last Thursday because of it. Please warn guests, too!
Feb 9, 2005
Slice and Grate

Amen to that. I sliced the tip of my thumb off (not at a show, thank goodness) because I was slicing without the safety holder. Luckily my neighbor is an ER nurse and fixed me up without going to the ER.