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Question about ordering new supplies


Mar 10, 2005
I just received my change-over box and I was suprised to see that our costs for catalogs and various paperwork have gone up. I know I shouldn't be really suprised about this, but I was.

Anyway, my question is about ordering. Why are we only able to order our supplies with PC dollars, a check or with our PC debit or credit card? My husband and I had saved some space on our Visa for me to get some new season supplies, but evidently I can't use just a regular Visa. I applied for the PC credit card but was not accepted. (Unfortunately, my husband and I don't have the best credit. This is something we are working on fixing.) I don't carry that high of a balance in my PC checking account and don't have a show scheduled until Feb. 18, so I won't have a commission check until after the first of March, which will be too late to order new catalogs because I have a couple of March shows scheduled before that check is deposited. (Sorry for the run-on sentence :eek: )

I guess I'm just frustrated and I don't really understand why we are limited as to how we can order our supplies. I see on the sample products order form, we can use "regular" Visa or MasterCard - so why not for supplies?
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Jun 29, 2005
I never understood that either. I hate to say this, but can you get a cash advance from your credit card and deposit it into your PC account? I never do that myself because the credit card company will charge youa higher % for it. Only thing I can of.