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New traditions deep dish baker problem

Jul 12, 2005
I was cooking chicken breasts in my New Tradtions deep dish baker from my starter kit last night. I popped out for few minutes, when i got back my hubby said he heard loud bang come from the oven and was scared to check it :rolleyes:
I opened the oven to find the baker had split clean in two.
I had followed all of the instructions on using it to the letter. I haven't dropped or banged it. It was only the 2nd time I had used it. It's not really inspired me to recommend it to customers, especially when it costs so much :mad:

Does anyone know why this would have happened??

I called PC customer services and they are sending me a new one, so it's not a problem, but i don't want it to happen again.
I haven't done my first show yet, and all the other products in my starter kit are amazing. Really pleased with them and happy to recommend them to people.


Jun 5, 2005
There could have been a hairline crack that you couldn't see that maybe happened in shipping. Probably has nothing to do with how you were using it. Sometimes it happens.


Jul 12, 2005
I agree, I probably had nothing to do with what you did. Sometimes our stoneware has hairline cracks that are unnoticed, or even sometimes air pockets in the stone that will crack or break the stone when in the oven. This is a rare occurance, but not your fault! Please don't feel discouraged about the stoneware--it is the best line of products we can offer our customers, I feel. The advantages outweigh any disadvantages that they might have!
Jul 12, 2005
chefloriray said:
Did you thaw out the breasts before you put them on the stone??

Yes, they were fresh unfrozen chicken. That's why I can't understand what happened.

I am very very impressed with PC customer services, and being from England I couldn't believe my (free) call went through to the USA!! They offer such good service. :D


May 19, 2005
Stoneware is as different as you & me

I've been selling pc for almost 5 years now, and believe me, I've been through some stones.

Like someone said earlier, don't get discouraged. I love my stones. Some pieces I've had for more than 5 years and they are still in good condition. Keep in mind, that this is why PC offers a 3-year guarantee on the stones. Other store don't offer anything!

I inspect my pieces everytime I get ready to use them. I actually have a stone bowl (that is no longer made/sold) that I have used twice in the last 2 weeks, that has a huge hair-line crack all over one side of it. I'm just waiting to hear that pop in the oven!

We use our Lg. Round Stones so much, that I can't believe that I haven't broken more of them. I had 2, broke 1, then replaced it, and broke the other. Now I have 4 of them and yes, I use all of them. I do usually take 2 to a show with me.

I do not use pyrex anymore. IT'S STONES ALL THE WAY WITH ME! All of my sisters know this too, and at Christmas time when we have our family gathering, I usually give away a stone during our "White-Elephant" gift exchange. My sisters are always trying to figure out which gift I contributed & then fight over the stone once it's been unwrapped! ha, ha!