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Need opinions- sat. or sun for Grandopening?


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Sep 7, 2005
HI, as I start my new business I am having a Grand Opening but cannot decide what day to hold it on? At first I thought definitely saturday but then started thinking alot goes on for people on sat. like b-day parties, kids sports games, errands, work etc. and thought maybe Sunday would be better for people, usually a day of rest and relaxation (for my family anyways). Which would you do or have done it on sat. or sun?

I will be doing a theme party opening following my Grandopening that Tuesday after just so there is an option of schedule conveniences or those more interested in a theme party. But what do you all think? :confused:


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Mar 8, 2005
Have you thought about holding it on 2 days? You could do a Friday evening and Saturday during the day? I am doing a Vendor Open House like this in November. Good luck!!