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Maximizing Success: Tips for New Consultants in the Super Starter Month

In summary, Shawnna is in her first Super Starter Month and has had one show (with good # of sales) with 2 bookings, both for May, none for April. The problem is that she just moved to the state and doesn't know anyone but the one person she did her first show with. She has been relying on catalog shows from her home town, but everyone is saying they feel the products are too expensive, and that they are having trouble selling anything! She has sent out flyers for an open house this weekend, but she is getting nervous about her lack of success with the catalog shows.
I am in my first Super Starter Month and have had one show (with good # of sales) with 2 bookings, both for May, none for April :-( . The problem is that I just moved to the state and I don't know anyone but the one person I did my first show with. I have been relying on catalog shows from my home town, but everyone is saying they feel the products are too expensive, and that they are having trouble selling anything! I have sent out flyers for an open house this weekend, but I am getting nervous about my lack of success with the catalog shows.

How do you respond to the "it's too expensive" deal besides highlighting the quality etc, when these people haven't seen the products? Am I in over my head??? Can I get enough business without these catalog shows? I have the personal website and everything! HELP!!
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Been there...heard that!!! I live in a small rural area. People around here have what I call the Wal Mart mentality. Everyone goes to Wal Mart. There is a Wal Mart 30-40 miles in every direction from my town. People associate Wal Mart with low prices. Sometimes they are and sometimes they aren't. Now that Wal Mart sells groceries it is more of a convenience than a savings store. One stop shopping makes people feel they are getting more for their money. But, you get what you pay for.

Also, women shop different than men. If a man needs something, he generally runs out and buy the best...because it will last longer and has more "extras" that he thinks he needs. Women bargain shop. They generally only buy when it is a neccesity. They tend to think about what else that money could buy...new shoes for their child, pay the electric bill, etc. They think more of others than themselves. You have to show them how much PC products are going to help them help their family.

All you can do is point out that PC products are professional quality, have a wonderful guarantee and if there is a problem with a product, we have wonderful customer service from our consultants and the home office. Most of our products can be bought elsewhere, but people are not going to get the service or quality. Is Wal Mart going to take a set of pots and pans back 6 years from now if the handle breaks off? If the lid breaks are they going to give you a new one 2 years from now? No.

It is harder to have a good show with a catalog show if the customers have not seen the high quality product we offer. I was the same way. I had been invited to several shows, but wouldn't go after looking at the catalog because the products were too expensive. I would place an order out of guilt, but would only buy a few quik cut knives to get the hostess off my back. I had the same Wal Mart pots and pans for 15 years because I was too cheap to buy a new set. I could make do without it. But finally a lady in my church had a show for her daughter. I went out of obligation with no intention of buying anything. I was broke anyway. But after her demonstration I was impressed. I went up and looked at her products. I was impressed. I asked her about the business. What do I have to do to get the products I want at a discount. I don't like speaking in front of groups, but I thought, "I can do 6 shows with family members and then quit and I will have all these products and cheap too!" Well, that was 4 years ago. I just had my 75th show. PC is still a hobby, but I believe in our products. Tell your story and watch your business grow.

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Your note was an encouragement. I am sticking with it, and I hope all goes well. Thanks!!!
Taking a page out of Shwanna's book - men,in general do not buy cheap, they buy once! Try this slogan. I am fairly new to Pampered Chef - have bought for 2.5 years and sold for 8 months. I began selling because buying was too expensive (for ME). I would have saved hundreds of dollars in replacement buys if Pampered Chef had been around 15 years ago (I'm Canadian) and only bought ONCE!!!!! ;)
Something else to tryBoy, that's what I call hutzpuh! You stick with it. Here is something else to say to people. Men do buy better, more expensive products. So...
Put a little note in the catlogs that are going out to catalog shows.
"If you are worried about the price, remember all the tools your husband puts in his "shop" to do the job right and how much they cost. Your kitchen and your time are worth the best tools too! When you buy from us, you are buying the best. The best quality, the best WARRANTY and the best bargin!!! Yes, I said BARGIN! Bargin because you will NOT be replacing your kitchen "tools" as often, and in most cases, you won't pay for a replacement if it breaks. Check out all our products in our catalog. EVERY product has a full one year replacement or cash back warranty. Most of our products have extended replacement warranties. You try taking that baker back to the store in two years and getting it replaced FREE! They would laugh you out of the store. But we won't! We will replace it! No questions, no problems, no sweat, NO COST! Now that's a bargin! So stop short changing your worth by not buying the best for your kitchen jobs! Buy the best like your husband does!"
It is a little long but when you do not have one on one with your clients,
something like that helps. That's sort of what I say every time I do a show and I think I too will remember to put something like that in my catalogs for catalog shows. You have to admit, it is the truth!!!
Women have a tendancy to look at the practical edge of something. So point out our practical edge! I have firmly believed that our second best product to our opportunity, is our warranty.
It does work. I had a lady that attended several shows and would only buy about $10.00 worth of Twixits! and knives out of obligation to our host. It wasn't until I started "selling" the warranty that she went up to a $75.00 order. When I asked her why the change, she said it was because she did not realize that we had such a great warranty. To this day, I have yet to NOT mention it at my shows. It sells products! Our warrranty makes our products a bargin!
Hope this too helps and great luck and keep up the leg work. It will pay off for you! Also, get your business cards out there with your web site on them. Get cheap holders and place them in beauty shops, gas stations, resturants or where they will let you. And remember to go back to replace them. Keep a count of how many you put in each place. Go back and count them and replace them. This will tell you where they work best and where to advertise alittle more. (Catalogs, flyers) Once your name is out there, you have a business.
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Thanks again! Good news!Good advice. I must admit I was getting a little discouraged and feeling a little "slumpish" (if that's a word) until I went and read some posts last night. I feel I got my second wind. I wrote the two people (family) holding the cat. shows and sent an email stating they should highlight the warranty, and like previously stated, that you can't return a broken Batter Bowl to Wal-Mart 2 years from now.

I started to see things in a different light, that at least people weren't saying the products stunk or something, but that they couldn't afford it. So it's not that they don't like the products. I told my hosts to encourage those people to host a cat. show themselves, to get items free, half off or at a discounted price. Hopefully that will work, I did it all mainly because I felt the enthusiasm draining in the hosts, so I also reminded them that the more successful their show, the more stuff they get for less!! I encouraged them to use that as a motivation.

On a good note (to me), I got ONE reply today for my open house on Sat. I am sooooo excited!! I moved here 3 months ago, and sent out 100 flyers in my area.... That one response has made my day!!!! I replied to the lady and stated that a big party is a fun party, so she shouldn't forget to bring some friends!! Hopefully that one will turn into SOME!!

Thanks for the forum, for the ear, for the advice and most of all for the encouragement.. This is the best thing that could happen for PC Consultants,
especially new ones needing to find their way!!
New as well:) Hi there! I am in my Starter Month and haven't done a show yet. I am looking forward to it but a bit nervous to get in front of crowds. I don't think I will have a problem with selling products. I wait tables 4 days a week and that is prodominantly sales. I am very outgoing and personable. Any ideas on how to approach new potential hosts? Most of my family and friends live outside of WA, I have gotten 4 potential hosts for Catalog shows. Two of which have pampered chef products. Looking forward to new adventure.
Talk about booking a show throughout your show. You want to mention it several times.

Do prize drawing slips at the end of the show. Read the questions outloud.

Ask EVERY person if they would like more information about doing what you do. THEN ask them if they would like to earn some products for free by hosting their own show. ASK EVERYONE at the show.
Open HouseI keep hearing several consultants mentioning open houses. Do you think this is a successful way to start your business? I am new and have not had any kitchen shows yet. I am now wondering if a good ice breaker would be to have an open house, but I really do not know what you should do at an open house... any ideas or helpful hints? For example, do you prepare some recipes, how long do you stay open, do you invite only people you know or a bunch of people.... etc. Have you had several bookings and orders through an open house? And maybe some hints on what to say as people come and go. Sorry I don't have a clue about this one. Appreciate any guidance. Thanks!
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Open housesWell, I can't say if it is successful or not, as this will be my first one, but in my case, it is a necessity. Basically, I am hosting a show in my own home to get the buzz out there because I am new to the state and neighborhood and need to meet people to open my business to. I sent out flyers (100) to homes in my area stating that I am having a "Mystery Host" themed Kitchen Show.
Basically, at the end of the show, I will do a drawing with the survey slips and choose the "host" for the evening, that is, the person who will receive all the benefits of hosting from the show that is being held at my house. If it makes even enough to be a qualified show, they will get everything from the $15 hospitality bonus to whatever rewards come as the total increases. I did this as a motivation for guests to come, as well as promote the hosting benefits.

I figured, I am not losing anything by giving away the host specials for the evening, and I can gain tons by getting good interest and even a couple of bookings at the party. Again, this is something I HAVE to do, because I only know 1 person in the state I am in and she had a show for me already.

I also added on the flyer that all the benefits the lucky host receives for the evening can be anyone's if they host a party at their own home.

I further added a contest for the "Ugliest Kitchen Utensil" and bought a small bar pan (on my last hostess' order at the 20% discount and no S/H) to give as the prize for the contest winner. Since many in my area are not familiar with the PC, I thought stoneware would be a good gift to demonstrate the quality of the PC's items. In the end it cost me about 10.00, which is a small investment to make for my business, as well as a good incentive to get guests.

If you are having trouble getting started or just want to expand your business to make sure all your neighbors know what you're doing, I think an open house is a good place to start. Even if you don't get alot that day, all your neighbors know you are a Consultant and may need you at a later date. In this day and age where neighbors don't really know each other, this is a good way to get alot of people to know you and what you do. They can then pass this on to others that you may not even have been privy to.

I plan on having balloons, putting one of those "The Party's here" signs you get at the craft stores, and literally opening the door like 20 min before the start of the show, and into the whole introductory period. Even if a neighbor doesn't want to stay for the show, they can see the fun, or just decide to take some info, which will be outside, any maybe host their own show.

Sorry so long!! I just thought this was one I'd share with you ladies. I hope I answered your question, and I guess a more seasoned Consultant can share a better story than I can, with more definitive answeres. I will let you all know how it goes after Saturday!! Wish me luck!
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One last thingI just reread your message, and forgot to mention one thing. You should invite everyone you know, even those that may have come to a show before because they have a chance to be the mystery host, and not just have to watch the demo and buy stuff. They can go home with earning lots of free or discounted stuff and they didn't even host the party!! Great incentive.

I plan on having appetizer out ( the artichoke red pepper dip w/ the pita chips) already cooked and out and conducting a show as usual. Depending on the turnout- if hardly nobody comes it will just turn into any opportunity to get the one or two who do show to host a party in their own home.

By having all the tools out from the starter kit on display ready to do your show, even if you don't get enough for a show the ones that just straggle in can see the products up front, touch etc, and buy or decide to host.

The way I see it, you cant lose- so try one, even if it is just once!
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Mystery Hostess showIn repsonse to ladybug...i do Mystery Hostess parties but one thing i do different is: after everyone has made their purchase i put there receipt in a drawing for Mystery Hostess...if you put their drawing slip in..they may not purchase anything if they think they might be the mystery hostess they may not want to buy anything so if 1/2 your customers think that, you may not have a very big party. The only way they can be the MH is by making a purchase. Hope this makes since, Lori
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suggestion for the mystery host showIf I can suggest something about your mystery host party. I would have a prize drawing every 15-30 minutes. give away free shipping or free sales tax, free seasons best, bamboo tongs, quikut pairing knife (with order) etc. whatever you give away should be with their order so you also make commission on it as well as increasing the show total for the host.
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Good suggestions!Thanks so much for the suggestions, I am going to use both. I am so happy I found the site that I could use as a sounding board. I really like that I am only using purchasers, ( I so was not going to do that) and to hold little drawings every so often (wouldn't have ever thought of that!). I totally understand the adding to the order thing, I thought they would be impatient about getting the "prize" later, but I will do that as well.

Thanks again, ladies!
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Great open house ideas!I am new to Pampered Chef as well and am planning an open house in April. I am so glad to have found this site with the great ideas! I am planning the mystery host as well as the giveaways. Thanks again and good luck!
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open houseI had an open house for my first show. I invited most everyone I knew. The reason I liked having my first show at my house was because it was in front of people I knew(so they would be more understanding if I messed up) I was also in my own house so I was more comfortable and was sure I had all my stuff with me. I didn't have a mystery host although that is a neat idea. I had a friend be my host and although the show was at my house she helped me get the food ready and did little things for me here and there that I couldn't get to. I made three simple recipes from the new seasons best recipe book and everyone loved them. I have done 5 shows so far and that first open house show has still been my best show as far as sales go. :)
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Congratulations on your open house. Glad it went well and you had good sales. Keep going!
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Open House UpdateLadies,

My open house was very nice... Not alot of people, only 6 guests, but that was a good number since I knew no one in my neighborhood. I got 2 bookings from it and now have April shows!! What I like most about PC is that the business truly comes, in the least expected places when you just put yourself out there!!

The best part is that I met 6 of my neighbors, all on my street, and one of them just sent me an email to go bowling with the other 4 of them tonight. I really started PC to get acclimated to my new state, neighborhood, etc. and that is really what's happening! A month ago I was sitting at home doing nothing, 6 months pregnant with 3 kids and a hubby and in one single month I have a social calendar... woo-hoo!!

I'm glad I started, glad I found this site, and putting out 100 more flyers this weekend! I need business!
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Ladybug, ladybug...Don't forget us guys!!
I am happy to hear that you literally made a killing in a brand new neighborhood! That's the kind of excitment some of us not so new people need to hear every once in a while.
It makes us look at our own businesses differently.
One thing I would like to mention. remeber the open house thing. It works great at the holidays as well as when you think you may hit a slump. July and August can be tough months because of vacations and school starting so another open house may be in order. At least this way you may get a kick start on the fall and winter seasons. It is also a great thing to do when new products come out. Invite your past hosts and have them bring a friend or many friends. Offer a bonus to the "host with the most". Then offer another gift to the host who "hooks you up" with the most shows from those friends. The open house also works as a great foundation for a fund raiser. So once you have one once, jot down some notes in a notebook you can keep about how you did it. What you had for food, to what you offered as prizes and how you advertised it. Keep track to of when you did the drawings like after they orderd etc. That way when you want or need to have one again, you have some sort of guideline to follow. Then write it down again after the next one and so forth. Keep up the leg work and you'll do a great business.
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Thank you, thank you!Glad my excitement is rubbing off :)

Thanks for the tips, I was so exhausted by the open house (cleaning, cleaning, preparing, cleaning, stressing out the kids and everyone) that I thought I'd hold off on doing another one. I made some flyers to put out to introduce myself to the neighborhood, but didn't include another open house. Your point is well taken however, and I think I'll do one right after I have the baby, because I'll need the shows after a little haitus. My subdivision has soooo many houses that I could really benefit from another open house. I will definitely take that advice and use it.

Thanks again!
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My recruiter tells people with the "Wal-Mart mentality" this: 'If you take 5 of your friends to Wal-Mart to shop, will they give you free product and a 10% discount for 12 months afterward?' And you could also add, will Wal-Mart bring products to your home so you can try-before-you-buy. I also use the quality issue. 3 years ago I got a $60 set of cookware at Wal-Mart. I tell my guests if they want to see how it compares to the PC cookware I bought (at 50% off for hosting a show - got it before I signed up!), that they have to go out to my kids' sandbox - After 3 years that's about about all that cheap cookware is good for! I also take a cheap whisk and/or scraper to shows so people can see and feel the difference. It really does help!

What is a catalog show?

A catalog show is a type of party where a consultant provides party guests with a catalog and order forms, and they can browse and purchase products from Pampered Chef. The orders are then submitted to the consultant, who will process them and deliver the products to the customers.

How can I host a catalog show?

Hosting a catalog show is easy! You can either contact a Pampered Chef consultant and ask them to set up a catalog show for you, or you can become a host yourself by signing up on our website. As a host, you will earn rewards based on the sales from your show.

What are the benefits of hosting a catalog show?

Hosting a catalog show has many benefits, including earning rewards and free products based on the sales from your show. Additionally, you get to share the Pampered Chef products with your friends and family, and have a fun and relaxing shopping experience without leaving your home.

How long does a catalog show last?

The length of a catalog show can vary, but typically it lasts for a week or two. This gives your guests enough time to browse the catalog and make their purchases. However, you can discuss the length of the show with your consultant and adjust it according to your needs.

What types of products are available in the catalog?

The Pampered Chef catalog offers a wide range of high-quality kitchen tools and cookware, as well as food products and recipes. You can find everything from cookware sets and bakeware to utensils and accessories. We also have products for outdoor cooking, entertaining, and even cleaning. Our catalog is full of innovative and useful products that will make your cooking and baking experience easier and more enjoyable.

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