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How can you get your hosts to invite more people?


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Apr 14, 2004
It's not uncommon for a host to say they cannot possible use all the invitations you gave her. It's your mission to inspire her to do so. rise to the challenge!

1. I know ___ looks like alot of invitations to use but my experience show only 1/3- 1/2 of everyne you invite will be able to attend. So really over invite if you'd like a really successful show

2. No one will be insulted if you invite them, but they may feel left out if you don't.

3. It's no more trouble to prepare your house for 20 than it is for 8.

4. More people in attendance creates more of a party atmosphere.

5. A larger crowd usually feels less pressure to buy.

6. Usually higher attended shows result in more free products and bonuses for you!

7. Keep some extra filled out invitaions in your purse. This way when you run into people you haven't invited, simply say. " Hi ____. I'm having a Pampered
Show at my home next week- are you familiar whit their great kitchen tools? Let me give you an invitations. Sure would love to see you and I know it will be lots of fun!"

8. Regarding all the people who can't make it- you'll want to offer them a catalog or reference our website so they can place an order. Inviting more usual;y means more outside orders.


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Nov 25, 2004
Guest/Host Promotion

Lately, I have really been enjoying the bonuses PC has offered to our hosts/guests. I often times offer the same bonus and it normally increases the number of people at my show. I always tell the host if she has 12 people IN ATTENDANCE at the show she will recieve the small scraper or something similar off her wish list Free from me on top of everything else. I also have been using the $50 sales option for guests to help increase sales. I say if you spend $50 I will give you the skinny scraper free. Now I only do this on month's that the company ISN'T offering an incentive... it keeps sales high during ALL months.

I also tell my hosts if they have 12 guests in ATTENDANCE AND 3 outside orders by the time the show ends she will also get the skinny scraper or something similar. I have many guests who take note of who is at the show and then while I'm collecting orders and talking to the guests they are in the bedroom calling people who said they were going to be there to get orders from.

People love free stuff... they don't care if it's $4 or $40.

Jan 25, 2005
I print out labels for each of my hosts and I put one label on each of the 40 postcards. I was told that that was a way to get hosts to pass them all out because they feel guilty returning them


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Apr 11, 2005
I have recently started using a coupon system for my hostesses - if they have a 40 person guest list, I give them a free $5 product, etc...I attached the file - I hope the attachment works - I have never attached anythign before


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Feb 20, 2005
hostess coupon challenge

I also use a coupon challenge and some use it and some don't. But...the ones that do, really give it their all and usually end up using 2 or 3 instead of just one which benefits both of us of course :) Mine's a little different so I'll attach it as well. Let me know what you think.