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Gift Certificate Question

Dec 13, 2005
My mom is ordering a Gift Certificate for a girl she works with as a wedding gift. I was trying to put the info in on Pampered Partner and got confused.

Does the Gift Certificate HAVE to be shipped to the person she is buying it for??


Gold Member
Aug 11, 2005
HO will say yes - it gets shipped right to them. At Christmas time, my mom wanted to buy one for one of her friends and put it in a card from her. HO said no, that they had to send it to the receiver. I'm sure there are ways to get around this but ...

I will never sell another PC Gift Cert again - never. I've only sold two, and both customers complained! They can ONLY order through Home office, so, say, you give a 25 dollar GC - the customer buys 100 dollars worth of stuff, and you get NO commission on it! None!

Everyone I know makes up their own gift certificates that can be redeemed by YOU. That way you at least get the customer (and they don't go to someone else, or home office) and you get the comission.

There are a ton of gift certificates that people have made up on here, just do a search. I highly recommend it!