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Customer Appreciation/Mystery Host


Silver Member
Oct 22, 2005
Hey everyone,

I only have one show scheduled before March 15th and want to earn the HWC cups and squares so I was thinking about doing a customer appreciation/mystery host party at my house. Have any of you done this? How did you plan? Did you make a lot of food? How many prizes did you give away? Any info will be greatly appreciated.

Michelle :)


Senior Member
Jan 17, 2006
Mystery host

This is fun and hopefully you will get a good response. Set it up like a regular show and like an express show; instead of doing a demo, have your food ready and set out for your guests to eat.
Invite past hosts, and past customers who placed orders of $50 or $100 or more. Let them know that everyone who places an order will be entered into a drawing to win the host benefits for that night. They do not have to be present to win.
Also let them know they can drop in and order, eat and leave. You will have drawings for prizes every 30 min. So 4 prizes will be needed.
Have the ladies fill in a drawing slip (try to make up your own since you know these ladies have already hosted before or have purchased from you before, try to get more info on what they want.) to get information from new or past customers and hosts and use that to draw for prizes.
Use another box to just have them drop their names in when they place an order and you can draw from that at the end of the night.
Stress the benefits of being a host, talk about being a consultant, explain benefits of your favorite products (cookware, stoneware, etc.)
Hope this helps.


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