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Consultant Newsletter

Mar 18, 2005
I am in charge of coming up with 2 pages for the January Consultant Newsletter. I am stressing myself out about this! I need to pass it on to all the Directors in my upline Cluster. Does any Director have 2 pages, that would be time sensitive to January that they would like to share with me?? Please Help!!


Apr 27, 2005
I too am in search of a Jan newsletter. I have found newsletters from previous months on here that I really like by [email protected] and by a Amanda Mohr. If you girls visit this site often do you girls usually post your newsletter on here for free or do you sale them? I really liked your layouts, not to wordy, straight to the point, and yet creative with clip-arts (that one is a biggy for me). Please let us know if there are newsletters out there. And if you do sale them, please let me know for how much by emailing me at [email protected].

Tracey Powell
Highland, CA