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Neighborhood Association Newsletter


Veteran Member
Sep 23, 2005
I belong to our neighboorhood association, and they have a newsletter issued quarterly. If we belong to the association, we can place an ad in the newsletter. I am going to place an ad in the newsletter, and as I understand it, the only restriction is that I must identify myself as an independent kitchen consultant, correct? Has anyone done this, and what did you put in your ad. I have decided to place a 1/4 page ad, and I thought it would be good to put in a coupon, such as 10% discount for anyone who places an order or books a show. I have recieved such good ideas from this board, so I am hoping that you creative gals can help me come up with the best ad possible. My goal is to make director by national conference. As of now, I have 1 recruit signing when her show closes (next week) so I have 5 more to go and this ad might help me along. The next newsletter does not go out until March, so I can mention the new products, but I would like to get as much into the ad as possible. I would like to get the ad to the editor this week, and as far as I know, there are no other consultants in the neighbor hood. I have done several shows for the residents, and I would like to keep my name out there.


Senior Member
Jan 17, 2006
Placing an ad!

What a great idea! I am placing an ad in the local paper also. Yes we are allowed to only identify ourselves this way:
Mary Smith
Independent Sales Director
for The Pampered Chef®
And we can use the logo supplied to us on consultant's corner. Good luck.