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Things are looking up!!!!!!!


Silver Member
Nov 24, 2005
I'm sooooooooooooooooooooo excited!! Within the last 24 hours I had 3 people calling to book a show with me in MAY!!!! I've had only one show so far and at the end of my SS#1. I was getting a bit down up to now thinking I wasn't going to get any more bookings!
I'm sooooooooooooooooo glad I did that fair the other night!! woooo hooooo I"m PSYCHED right now!!!

Anyway I just HAD to share with you all!!! My business is looking a little brighter!!!

Cheers:rolleyes: :p :D :cool:
Sep 11, 2005
Good for you, things have been slow for me lately. I only have 1 show in May and 1 in June. I have a show tomorrow so I hope to get some bookings. I have some friends that want to wait until summer, (one has a build in pool and wants to do the show pool side). I need to get on the phone and get myself more out there.

Good for you and I hope it keeps up for you.


Veteran Member
Jan 13, 2006
WOW! That is awesome! Congratulations! I am in my 4th month, and although I have had a great ride so far, I have NEVER had someone call ME to book a show! Congrats!