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Jun 18, 2005
I have a show booked. Everyone coming to the show has been to several. Do you still do the whole show, or just fix the food, try getting more bookings, chat and place orders?? How do you handle this???


Jun 6, 2005
Is this one you are doing or for someone else? If it's an open house I would do the food ahead of time and take orders. I've explained what was made and go over any new products or tips. If these people have done several resently you could have them participate in the recipe preparation. :confused:


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Jan 21, 2005
Do a theme show. Pick a theme/recipe that highlights the newer products since the guests have been to shows before . It's my experience that no matter how many shows a guest has been to there will be products they have never seen and tips they haven't heard. Plus they can share their favorite tips too. AND challenge them to bring a friend who HASN'T been before.

If the show is in August be sure to highlight the products that are being discontinued - some may have some of those things on their wish list. If it's September of course - the new. ;)


Jul 12, 2005
Hands On!

The best thing I find when I have a group who has been to many shows is to do a Hands-On show. I make copies of the recipes, and when the guests arrive, I immediately tell them to wash up (with our hand soap), and assign them to different parts for the recipe. This way, the kitchen is full with people actually trying the products for themselves, and they are making the recipe! I walk around, ask if anyone needs help, give little tips on the products, and everyone is usually talking and having a great time. Once the recipe is in the oven, or completed, I will have the guests sit down, and I talk about the products used, ask who used which products, what they thought, and then cross sell other products. I do my stoneware and cookware talk, and then let them eat. While they are eating, I talk about bookings, specials, and give my 30-second commercial. I then play the "Let's Be Nosy" game, and that's it! Repeat guests love it because they are active, involved, and learning new things!