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Pampered Chef: Urgent Pampered Partner Plus Crashed

  1. ChefDaynaDos

    ChefDaynaDos Novice Member

    I didnt really know where else to put this... but my computer completely blue screened then crashed and there was no way to restore it, so I lost everything that was stored in Pampered Partner Plus. I had backed it up but it had been a while since I last backed it up(my fault of course). I need to look at one of my past shows because I need to check on an order, does anyone know if HO can send a detailed list of what I entered into Pampered Partner for a particular date? The host is claiming she got something she didnt order and I wanted to double check. Has this happened to anyone? :cry:
    Apr 1, 2009
  2. DebbieJ

    DebbieJ Legend Member

    Call tech support....they're there for another 52 mins.
    Apr 1, 2009
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