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Ordering Host Special thru Website...


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Jan 4, 2005
Had a wierd thing happen and Im probably going to call tech support about this. I have a friend and past host who had a show booked off of her that is presently going on. This friend went on my website to order the Roasting Pan as her host special from the show that was booked from her. It would not let her! What happened was it wouldnt let her enter the item number for the roasting pan - HF87. It kept coming up with an error message. She said if she put in the regular item number for the roasting pan that it would take it. She finally gave up and did it with an outside order form, I was at work when all this happened and she wasnt able to reach me, or I would have called tech support right then and there. Has anyone else heard of anything like this happening?????


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Nov 24, 2004
Past Host Ordering Future Host Special thru Website

At the present time, past host's cannot order the monthly host special throught the website. I am sure home office's web developers are working on that issue. But think about it, they have to have the host name, the show info, soooo much to consider. Expecially since it doesn't have to be the same consultant with each show. That means they'd have to link the program to accomodate all 71,000+ consultant's shows.
Now, what they could do if is enter it as the regular # since their credit card is not immediately charged. Since YOU are the one entering it into Pampered Partner and charging their credit card, the amount will be less, but you'd already know what they wanted to purchase.
I personally like them to contact me directly. It gives me the opportunity to share one more thank you for their business.