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New to Pc had ???


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Sep 7, 2005
Hi pc gals & pals-

Just getting things together as I wait for my kit to arrive! What all do you put in hostess packets and catalog pkts? So I can start putting some of them together while I wait.

Also do you present them in reusable binders or use manilla type envelopes?

What else should I order asap besides my website, bus. cards and labels?

can you place an orders supply as soon as you get your debit card? Do you send it by mail or can you do it online anywhere?

thanks a bunch!
Heather Isackson ;)
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Dec 29, 2005
I have found using 2pocket folders makes it alot easier for my hosts when i can give it to them in person. manila envelopes are good for mailing host packets. Usually you include 2 or 3 catalogs,outside order forms, monthly specials, invitations, and I also include a host thank you letter that includes their password into the host section on my website. supply orders can be placed thru pampered partner once you have installed it on your computer.
when you receive your kit there is a section in recipe for success that helps guide you on host and guest packets. I also use 2 pocket folder for guest packets.
good luck in your new business!
Tracey Spitler #411672
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Jan 15, 2006
I also include a couple of flyers in mine like the Top 10 Reasons to own Stones, The best show ever flyer and of course the recruiting flyer and brochures. My Director brought me a sample of her host pack along with a neat way she puts her catalogs in a 2 pocket folder for the guests at the show.

Good luck and don't stare too long out your window looking for your Kit to come! I know it made the time go by much slower for me when I did ;)

Also, before your kit comes, you may want to put together some files to get your paperwork organized, there's a file on here that was really great.. I think if you search for "while you're waiting for your kit" it should bring it up.

The best of luck to you!!