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Mystery Host Show

Apr 25, 2005
I am so excited, I hosted a Mystery Host Show tonight at my house and it turned out GREAT. I sent out around 60 flyers to people I know and had 19 to attend. I gave tickets for different things like RSVP, Show up on time, Bring a friend, place order, book July or Aug show, etc. And at the end of the kitchen show I drew a ticket after all of the orders had been calculated and that person was the mystery host. I also gave a few small gifts away for like bringing a friend. The sales ended up being over $600 and the mystery host got all the benefits and everyone had a great time & got to eat alot of PC recipes that I made ahead. I will definately do it again sometime. It really boosted my end of month June sales to get free fall products. I have sold over $2400 this month, that commission money will help for conferance. :D

Hope everyone else has done as well as I have this month.

Oh forgot to mention I also got 5 bookings!!! ;)
Apr 30, 2005
Clarification on "mystery host"

I THINK I know what Mystery host shows are ... just checking. Is that where you do the host part as far as inviting, purchasing ingredients, etc... but then you pull a name from a drawing of those who attend, and then enter that person as the host, giving her/him the host rewards? If that's right, I assume you have the orders sent to your home, and you sort and deliver them (?) I heard about this before, but forget the details. THANKS!
Valerie M :)


Legacy Member
May 6, 2005
Yep, you have it right. Some people do a couple drawings and split up the host benefits so more people can "win." :)