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Mini Fluted Pan Ideas!


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Apr 14, 2004
Pampered Chef Mini Fluted Pan Ideas!

*Make Banana Bread in the pan. Have guests fill the center with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and prepare the Banana's Foster Stir Fry recipe for them to scoop a little over their ice cream. (Idea shared by Linda Hamman)

*Have Kid's parties: individual cakes for each child to decorate. *Make Hot fudge sundaes and let kids put on their own toppings (idea shared by Joan Merrell, before seeing the Banana Split Cakes in the new Season's Best)

*Prepare spice cakes in the pan. Pipe the filling for the Pumpkin Tartlets - found in Season's Best F/W 2002 (pumpkin, cheesecake pudding/pie filling, cinnamon plus, and coolwhip) over each cake with the EAD.

Could be little Halloween pumpkin cakes.

*Mini Baked Alaska cakes. Just scoop some of the filling with the Stainless Steel Scoop into the center and pipe cool whip over with EAD.

*Black Forest Trifle filling from the recipe found in Delightful Desserts. Scoop some cherries over and shave some chocolate.

*Spiced Apple Topping recipe from Delightful Desserts over mini spice cakes.

*Lemon & Blueberry Trifle filling from All the Best over mini pound cakes.

*Cool & Creamy Chocolate Fondue recipe in All the Best over mini cakes. Use scoops or EAD.

*Cappucino Mousse Trifle filling over mini chocolate cakes. Great chocolate chips over top.

*Luscious Lemon Angel Roll cake filling (found in Delightful Desserts) over yellow mini fluted cakes. Place frozen sliced strawberries over that. (idea shared by Linda Hamman)

*Make cornbread in the pan. Make a chili recipe (from the Soups, Stews, Chiliscards) and have guests scoop some into the center of their individual cornbreads. Could have sour cream in EAD for them to pipe over top. Could also serve with Enchilada Soup recipe found in the new F/W 04 seasons best.

*Make Monkey bread (pull-apart) in the pan. Could serve with a recipe from the Soups/Stews/Chilis cards.

*Angel Food cake doesn't work in mini-fluted cake pan according to one of my consultants.

Linda Brusvin