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Fun and Creative Batter Bowl Cake Ideas for Your Next Party

In summary, Karen provided a list of ideas for Spider, Lady Bug, Beehive, and Mr. Potato Head cakes. She also provided additional ideas for a graduation cap, wedding bells cake, and Easter basket.


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Originally posted under Chef's Lounge by Karen.

Below are some ideas that I have in a Word document, however the document was too large to attach.

Ant- Frost one 1QT and two 2QT cakes black or chocolate. Place them in a three section line (the 1QT cake is the head and the two 2QT cakes are the body. Use 6 pipe cleaners for legs and bend them into a "^" and push them into cake.

Spider (1) - Frost cake with black (use chocolate and tint black) or chocolate frosting – use chocolate sprinkles for “hair”. Use black licorice or 8 pipe cleaners for legs. Use gumdrops for eyes.

Spider #2- Frost one 1QT and one 2QT cakes black or chocolate. Place the cakes side by side (the 1QT cake is the head.) Use black licorice or 8 pipe cleaners for legs. Use 2 Lg. marshmallows for fun eyes with m & m pupils – or raisins stuck on toothpicks.

Lady Bug- Frost with red frosting. Add big black decorating gel spots (or mini-oreos). Black licorice antenna and gum drop eyes.

Beehive- Frost with yellow frosting in a circular fashion, to create the beehive look. Place sugar flowers at the base of hive. Make Peanut butter honeybees and place them around the hive. (Mix 1/2 c peanut butter, 2 T softened butter, 1/2 c confectioners sugar, 3/4 c graham cracker crumbs and shape into 1" ovals. Place on wax paper. Melt 1 oz semi sweet chocolate, place in sandwich bag and cut off tiny end of bag. Drizzle chocolate on ovals to make 3 stripes on each bee. Insert 2 almond slices into oval for bee wings.)

Mr. Potato Head- Frost the cake with light brown frosting (vanilla tinted with a little brown and orange). Stick Mr. Potato Head parts right in the cake!

Flower Pot - Frost with brown. Then make some rice krispie treats in the flower shaped bread tube (or just cut some out with cookie cutters). Place a gumdrop into the center of each with a toothpick. Place each "flower" on a long skewer (can wrap with green pipe cleaner first or dye green with green food coloring) and poke them in the top of the cake. Looks like a flower pot with flowers!! You could even add crushed cookies to look like dirt and gummy worms!

Volcano - Can be done on a sheet cake if you want to add plastic dinosaurs, trees and landscaping. Cut a v-shaped crevice out of the top 1/3 to 1/2 side of the cake. Use chocolate icing over all. But in the crevice and below it use red and yellow to represent the Lava Flow. In the top of the cake insert several of those long (6 inches or so) skinny candles you can find at the party stores. Insert all candles into the same spot so they are close together. When lit the candles make the volcano look like it's erupting.
Batter Bowl Cake Ideas--Cont'd.

Here's additional ideas that I did not include on my prevoius posting:

Graduation Cap - Put a piece of cardboard on top of the cake and decorate it like a graduation cap.

Wedding/Chapel Bells Cake - Bake cake in 2 Qt Batter bowl. Cut in half (like football/Easter egg cakes). Put narrow ends toward each other, angling wider ends apart. Decorate with white icing, cut powdered sugar donut hole in half for bell clappers. Decorate top of bells w/ ribbons & flowers to match bride’s colors.

Bunny (or any animal) - Frost with white icing, cut ears out of cardstock and stick into top of cake. Use black licorice for whiskers. Put a large marshmallow cut in half diagonally on the face for a nose. Give him a frosting bow tie. Do any animal by changing the ears and frosting.

Easter Basket - When the cake has cooled, hollow the inside out, leaving about a 1 inch rim. Frost (easier to frost if sits out for 2 hours or freeze first) and decorate it with the Easy Accent Decorator or use the new spring colored 'Nilla Wafers. Add a handle made out of pipe cleaners. For the eggs, bake muffins or cupcakes in the Mini Muffin Pan and decorate to look like Easter Eggs. Great centerpiece for Easter dinner.

Watermelon Ice Cream Slices – Use different colors of sherbet layered and frozen in bowl, keeping each layer in a "rounded" form. First put in white sherbet (usually pineapple flavored), then pink, then green. Let freeze and then unmold. When you cut pieces it will look like slices of watermelon. Use chocolate chips for seeds.
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Whoa the Motherlode! Thanks Karen!
:eek: Holy Cow! Thanks for all of the awesome ideas (hope to remember the spider come Halloween time!)
Couple More Ideas

GI Joe - Instead of a volcano - we have GI Joe (or the action hero of the moment) climbing up the hill.

Baseball cap - the cake is the head of the cap and then you just make the lid with frosting on the platter.

Spring Bonnet - frost the cake with a light spring color (like yellow). Surround the cake with vanilla sandwich cookies (for the brim). Cut fruit roll-up in a strip and tie around the cake (for the ribbon). Decorate with flowers using Easy Accent Decorator or pre-made flowers from the baking aisle or even fake or real flowers.
Love your tips!

Please keep them coming! They are great!

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