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Making the desserts for a wedding!!


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Jun 22, 2005
HELP! I have a host that is having a show for her daughter who is getting married in October. They have asked me to make desserts for the wedding. She had been to a wedding before that didn't have the traditional wedding cake, instead they had many different desserts. That is what she wants and she wants ME to make them!! It is sorta scary since she would need about 25-30 desserts... maybe 5 or 6 different ones, but make a few of each one. Any suggestions out there? I would have to make them ahead obviously...not the day of. But I don't have say 5 Deep Dish Pie Plates for example. I don't even know where to begin to put a price on this. What would I charge her? I want the desserts to be classy enough for a wedding too. I thought about the Tuxedo Brownie Cups, Creamy Lemon Supreme(Celebrate) also the Lemon Blueberry Triffle in a pretty trifle bowl...HELP!

Ann F

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Nov 11, 2004
For my son's rehearsal dinner, I fixed the wonton things with yogurt and berries (I'm not at home, so can't find the name). They were in the last SB, I think. Anyway, they're very pretty.


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May 6, 2005
Wow, that will take a lot of time! Holy cow. I guess it gets your name out there (if you're somehow able to "advertise"), but how else would earn $$ from it? It is nice to be asked, but hopefully it'll be worth it for you!


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May 20, 2005
I would suggest looking around and see what other places in the area charge for their desserts and go with something around there. Congrats, I was recently asked to make a wedding cake for someone my aunt knows, but it is the weekend I will be leaving for conference so I would have had to make it ahead and wouldn't have been a good idea in case anything happened :( (I took a cake decorating class from someone that owned a cake decorating store about 9 years ago, but haven't done a whole lot recently. Anyway, if they like their chocolate, maybe make mini black forrest cakes with the new prep bowl sets or muffin pan. I am not sure if you are making these desserts individually, or wanting to make whole ones, but it's an idea, maybe you could make the bride cake with the batter bowl or the prep bowls also.
Jun 27, 2005
Tuxedo Strawberries

The tuxedo strawberries (found on Consultant's Corner on the downloads page) are super cute and very easy. They should be made the same day they are served, but they go really fast if you have a helper. My 9 year old daughter helps by drying the strawberries and handing them to me one at a time.