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How long for host to get products?


Novice Member
Apr 22, 2005
My host is asking me a real simple question, and I can't give her a quick answer. How long form the time we close the show until she gets the products?


Apr 22, 2005
I think that it's safest to say "give it 2 weeks for products to be at your door once we've closed the show"....but I closed a show & submitted it on Sunday and saw that it had shipped the very next day, awesome!

I believe that for special events (like Christmas shopping, Mother's Day items, etc.) that Pampered Chef states if you get orders in by a certain date, it will ship in order to arrive by a certain date so that everyone can get their stuff in time.
Feb 22, 2005
Home office has always recomended to tell our host two weeks. Last year there were a few struggles with shippments being received in a timely manner. Home office worked dilegently to fix this problem and since then has been AMAZING with shipping. Most orders are now shipped within 2 businesses days from the time they are received. I know that here where I live I can then count on UPS taking 3 business days after the order is shipped.

You can go to consultants Corner, click My Business, scroll down to Shipment Status and here you fill see if your order has been filled and if it has been shipped. If it has been, there will also be a tracking number that you can click on and it will link you to UPS where you can get an estimated arrival date.

Hugh Thanks to Home Office for making our business run so smoothly!!!


Mar 26, 2005
I say 2 weeks

I tell everyone about 7-10 business days (I think it sounds better than 2 weeks), so that when it gets there sooner, (which I have found like all of you have stated) they are excited! I think to go on the side of caution is better, even though I too have experienced the quick 3 day deliveries. I also don't like to say too early because if it comes later they are really not happy. Further, it gives the host time to sort the orders and make deliveries without too much pressure!


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May 6, 2005
It's always a good idea to SAY it'll take longer than it really will. Like you all have said, then they're REALLY impressed when it's just a few days. The last 3 shows I submitted (including one from yesterday) shipped out the SAME day! That's amazing. I'm in a Chicago suburb, so we're really close to the home office, but I often get my stuff the day after it ships out. And I 've had good luck with hosts getting the products out to their guests quickly too!