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Grilling Additions - NEED QUICK ANSWER!

Sep 6, 2005
I am closing a show for April and the host chose the GRILLING ADDITIONS special. I'm not at home right now and don't have any of my PC stuff in front of me. What is the GRILLING ADDITIONS??? I can't get the APRIL Host special flyer to come up. Can someone help?????


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Nov 3, 2005
Ultimate Grilling Kit for only $53.40, regularly $133.50
(Includes Skewer Set, Jumbo Turner, Barbecue Fork, Turner, Tongs, Basting Brush, Tool Bag, Mitt and Grill Cleaning Brush)

I don't have an item # because I am at work and have already got rid of the april flyers. I hope this is what you needed!
Sep 6, 2005
Thanks Alf, I already knew that special though because one of my hosts chose that in the beginning of the month. It was the other one that I was unsure of. Which are the two new grilling products? I don't have a catalog with me. I was thinking one was the barbque basting bottle, but I'm not sure!