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Free cookbook giveaway at health club?

Dec 30, 2005
Has anyone done anything like this? I want to do a drawing for a free "It's Good For You" cookbook at some local health clubs. I figured I would use the door prize slips and hopefully (fingers crossed) get a few leads. I thought too about putting recipe cards out for everyone to take a free one when they register. Any tips on how to promote this to the owner/manager? I don't want it to come across as solicitation, I really would like to help teach some tips for healthier cooking, it's not anywhere near as hard as everyone thinks it is!
Jan 21, 2006
My husband is a HEALTH CLUB OWNER

I asked him to reply:

When you approach the club owner / manager, pitch it as you helping his customers acheive their wellness goals. To do your giveaway, you should use a lead box of some kind, don't make it too big so it won't take up too much counter space, then you come in and check it periodically. If I were you, everyone can actually win something and get it when you do their show.
You might even get him/her to let you do a free healthy cooking seminar for him to offer his members. In addition to that you could offer to distribute a free work out pass (almost all health clubs have them) during your outside presentations when you mention exercise with your healthy cooking presentation, he'll go for the free exposure for sure, I would.

That's his take on your question.

I would also suggest an everyone wins thing also. (Don't andvertise that everyone will win something. Something like "Enter for your chance to win one of many prizes including a Pampered Chef Healthly Cooking Cookbook."
If everyone wins everyone will return your phone call!! If you leave a message saying "This is _____ I'm calling to let you know YOU WON the drawing at______ please call me back so I can get your prize to you."
You could also offer to upgrade there prize or a bonus gift if they host a show.
I wouldn't leave recipe cards they will probably just walk out the door as a freebie.

Hope this helps. :)