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Bookings leads from Bazaars-some ideas


Apr 5, 2005
You are all very wonderful on coming up with some great ideas so thought I would run this by and see what everyone thought about these ideas on getting additional booking leads and hopefully booking shows the same day as the bazaar.

Here it goes:

I thought about doing grab bags for $5 each. In each bag will be some of our door prizes with a recipe and my business card. In a few of the bags I thought about also adding "You've WON a FREE Kitchen Show for the month of _______(fill in a month you are working on) and $15 in extra FREE products (hospitality product value will cover this) when you hold your show. I would also add that this is on top of our already outstanding Host Reward program and then I would list our reward program. I will also have a drawing for a FREE Kitchen Show and thought about adding the $15 in extra FREE poducts to that sign too. OR maybe something like this too: Book a show today and get a FREE cookbook when you hold your show. So, what do you all think about these ideas?
I have 3 bazaars this month and want to make them very successful with getting bookings. I would love all of the advice and tips you can give me.

Thanks in advance to everyone for all of your advice and tips.
Oct 2, 2005
"Book a Show today" is a good idea

I just did a booth at a craft fair at our mall last weekend (my first one). I think the grab bags might be worth a shot, but maybe someone else with more experience could tell you about that. I do think the sign "Book a show today & get a free (whatever)" is a good idea. I wish I had thought to try that--now I have a huge stack of drawing slips to go through & contact (I'm only about half-way through!). Good luck with your bazaar!