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Creative Gift Ideas for Party Hosts and Guests - Pampered Chef Tips

In summary, at parties, the host receives a thank you gift, guests can choose an item from the bowl for bringing an adult guest, participating in raffle ticket drawings and asking about Pampered Chef products. Other ways gifts are given include completing customer care slips and participating in hands-on demonstrations. Another idea is to have guests participate in a recipe guessing game and the winner receives a free PC recipe. One creative gift idea is to give out sink fizz tablets in personalized bags with directions and a space for reordering.
For those of you who need help as to what to give for FREE gift ideas at your parties, these are the items I have in my Stainless Mixing Bowls Set (Medium / or Small Size) lined with the new Citrus Hand Towls...

Citrus Peeler
Season's Best Cookbook
Quikcut Paring Knife
Assorted Candy Bars (Snickers, Kit Kats, Resees Pieces)

Here are the reasons why they get to pick ONE item from the bowl...
1st Gift goes to - Thank You gift to Host for hosting a party
2nd - Brought an ADULT guest (over 18 years) to the party
3rd - Raffle Ticket drawing
1 ticket - Ask about Pampered Chef products
1 ticket - If someone askes what page an item is on, or wants to know the item number, THE PERSON WHO FINDS THE INFORMATION GETS THE TICKET.
2 tickets - If they ask about the opportunities with PC
5 tickets - If they do an on hands demonstration (after washing their hands first of course)
4th - Drawing from Customer Care slips (Have to be filled out completly)

There are other ways I do gifts as well. I kind of mix them up a little sometimes. Here is another I have tried in the past.....

5th Tip - Sometimes I write the main recipe (print out on labels) on index cards and then fold it in half (hiding the receipe), staple it, mark them 1 - 15. At the party, I give one card to each person and tell them not to open it until I say. What they do is tell the group and myself step by step how to make the recipe. At the end of the party, whoevers raffle ticket is drawn, wins a FREE PC recipe by me giving them the cards that were read off during the night.
I love the idea of lining the bowl with the towel, it must look very presentable!

One thing that i love to do is give the sink fizz tablets out to my hosts and game winners. I've ordered bags from Associated Bag Company that fit the tablets perfectly, and i seal the baggies with my business label. (By the way, i put my business label on everything i give out, no matter what it is). I also made up tags for the sink fizz with the same directions the box has, and a space for me to put my label again for if they want to reorder.

The bags from Associated Bag Company come in bulk, so it's best if you go in on the expense with your cluster or other fellow chefs.

Thank you for sharing your party gift ideas! I love the idea of using the stainless mixing bowls and hand towels as a gift set. It's practical and something that anyone can use in their kitchen. I also like how you have different ways for guests to earn tickets for the raffle. It encourages them to interact with the products and ask questions, which is great for both the guests and the host. And the recipe game is a fun way to engage everyone and get them involved in the party. I have a couple of suggestions for other possible gift ideas. One could be a mini version of a popular product, like a mini spatula or mini whisk. Another idea could be a gift certificate for a future purchase, which could encourage guests to come back and shop with the host again. Overall, thank you for sharing your creative and thoughtful gift ideas. I'm sure they will make your parties even more enjoyable for both the guests and the host.

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What are the best gift ideas for someone who loves to cook?

1. A versatile kitchen tool set: A set of high-quality kitchen tools like spatulas, whisks, and measuring cups makes for a great gift for any home cook.

2. A cookbook: Choose a cookbook that features recipes from their favorite cuisine or a new cooking technique they want to try.

3. A personalized cutting board: A cutting board with their name or a special message engraved on it is both practical and sentimental.

4. Herb garden kit: For the cook who loves fresh ingredients, a kit with everything they need to grow their own herbs is a unique and thoughtful gift.

5. Non-stick cookware set: Give the gift of easy cooking and clean-up with a set of non-stick pots and pans that any home cook would appreciate.

What are some budget-friendly gift ideas for a hostess?

1. Serving platter or tray: A beautiful serving platter or tray is both practical and decorative, and can be found at affordable prices.

2. Wine or cocktail glasses: A set of wine or cocktail glasses is a great gift for a hostess who loves to entertain.

3. Oven mitt and potholder set: Help your hostess protect their hands and add some style to their kitchen with a cute oven mitt and potholder set.

4. Gourmet food basket: Create a personalized gift basket with gourmet food items like artisanal cheeses, jams, and crackers.

5. Recipe book stand: A recipe book stand is a practical and thoughtful gift for a hostess who loves to cook and entertain.

What are some gift ideas for a busy mom who loves to cook?

1. Instant Pot: This multi-cooker is a game-changer for busy moms who want to make quick and healthy meals for their family.

2. Meal prep containers: Help a busy mom stay organized and save time with a set of meal prep containers to store leftovers or prepare meals in advance.

3. Slow cooker: A slow cooker is a great gift for a mom who wants to come home to a hot and delicious meal after a long day.

4. Kitchen gadget set: A set of handy kitchen gadgets like a garlic press, vegetable peeler, and can opener can make cooking easier and more efficient for a busy mom.

5. Cooking class gift certificate: Give the gift of a cooking class to help a busy mom learn new recipes and techniques in a fun and stress-free environment.

What are some gift ideas for someone who loves to bake?

1. Baking tool set: A set of essential baking tools like measuring cups, mixing bowls, and a rolling pin is a great gift for anyone who loves to bake.

2. Specialty baking pans: Help them take their baking to the next level with a unique baking pan like a bundt pan or cupcake maker.

3. Silicone baking mats: These non-stick mats are a convenient and eco-friendly alternative to parchment paper, making them a perfect gift for a baker.

4. Cake decorating kit: For the baker who loves to decorate, a kit with different piping tips, icing bags, and other tools is a great gift idea.

5. Cookbook stand: Keep their recipes organized and hands-free with a stylish cookbook stand that can hold cookbooks, tablets, or phones.

What are some gift ideas for the health-conscious cook?

1. Spiralizer: A spiralizer is a great gift for someone who wants to incorporate more veggies into their diet by turning them into healthy "noodles".

2. Salad dressing shaker: Help them make their own healthy salad dressings with a shaker bottle that has measurement markings for easy recipes.

3. Air fryer: This kitchen gadget allows for healthier cooking by using little to no oil, making it a great gift for someone who loves fried foods.

4. Vegetable steamer basket: A steamer basket is a kitchen essential for anyone looking to cook veggies in a healthy and easy way.

5. Meal prep cookbook: Give the gift of healthy and delicious meal ideas with a cookbook specifically focused on meal prepping and healthy eating.

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