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Pampered Chef: Theme Show Couples Cookoff info and invitation

  1. PamperedGinger

    PamperedGinger Advanced Member

    Attached is a copy of an invitation for a couples theme show as well as some couples ideas.

    The couples shows I have done are Couples Cookoff show. The men make one recipe while the women make another recipe. If there are kids there, they just the winner. I judge for appearance and taste. I just did a show today where the men won for appearance and the women won for taste. They are lots of fun.

    I usually show how to use the products before the start of the show and then let them get cooking. At the end I have them tell what their favorite product was that they used that day. Try to pick items with higher priced things. I don't give them the catalog until they are eating.

    Have fun with this show. It is tons of fun!

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  2. This is great!! I am doing a couples show in a few weeks! Do you let the host decide what to do? Which if your fav? Which do you think would be good for a big crowd? Thanks for all your help! :)
  3. Best Recipe for Couples Cookoff

    I am looking for a main dish recipe to do for a couples cookoff. What has everyone found to be the best as far as using some great tools? My host wants me to have something easy for the guys to follow and make.
    Mar 27, 2005
  4. MSmith

    MSmith Member

    The January 2005 KC News (p10) discussed Couples Shows, as developed by Tammy Ward, Utah. Here is a synopsis:
    1) Host coach to send ALL 40 invitations b/c each couple is only placing 1 order.
    2)Men will feel more comfortable attending if there are other men there, so be sure to note something like: Couples Show, bring your date.
    3) Healthy Competition: women's team make Turtle Fudge Skillet Cake and the men's team make Savory Sandwich Ring (or vice versa!) note: both recipes in All The Best ckbk. Each team judges the other on Speed, Presentation & Taste.
    4) Begin show by talking about bookings and then explain a few core products.

    Additional tip:
    refer to the products as "tools"....men will like that association
    May 9, 2005
  5. Lisa S

    Lisa S Member

    I did a couples show this month and used a few of ideas off this board. This is what I thought went over really well...

    After I put on my apron, I brought out a tool belt and put it on over my apron. I had some tools in it and they guys all laughed. I then took the tools in my tool belt, gave one to each guy and told them that as part of the intro, they had to tell me their name and what the tool was used for. This was hysterical! The hold n slice was a comb (which a bald man was holding!!!), the orange peeler was a dental instrument, and the tart shaper was a torture device for a woman to beat her husband with!!! :D

    I also told the guys that if they left the demo for any reason other than to use the facilities - they're significant other was allowed to spend at least $100! They all laughed and said the women probably would anyway - whether they were there or not.

    After I demo'd the recipe (Mexican Burger Bar) and we were waiting for the burgers to be done (host hubby did the grilling with my grill tools), we had a competition between the men and women on the APCS. I only had one with me, so they had to take turns, but I timed each person (3 each team) and then gave prizes to the winning team. We had apple juice literally spraying everywhere! The guys really got into this part - and they won!

    The invite I sent out said it was an "Outdoor Couples Grilling Show". My husband picked the title. He thought it would get more men there - and he was right... there were no women without their significant others there.

    I really enjoyed this show (even though I was not feeling well that day) and I am looking forward to more of these this summer!
    May 9, 2005
  6. PamperedGinger

    PamperedGinger Advanced Member

    Lisa....GREAT ideas! I love the idea of giving them unfamiliar tools. I'll have to borrow this idea for my next show. THANKS for sharing.
  7. Lisa S

    Lisa S Member


    This is what I handed out for them to guess...

    Tart Shaper
    Hold N Slice
    Cake Tester
    Citrus Peeler
    Cook's Corer
    V-Shaped Cutter (they had no idea!)
    Egg Separator
    Pie Gate
    May 9, 2005
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