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Canadian National Conference: A Memorable Experience!

In summary, Marg was at the Canadian national conference this past weekend and got a surprise box of goodies including a new fall product, a super starter plus program, and recognition in the KCN. She is also congratulated by another consultant.
It was the canadian national conference this past weekend.
I went and I am so glad that I did - what an experience.
Got lots of great tips and advice and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new fall products.
If anyone wants to know what they are, pm me and I'll tell you - don't want to ruin it for anyone. :)
And, how awesome is this? After the closing session, we all got a copy of the brand new KCN and my name is in there!! I had no idea. We have a new program here, super starter plus - if you submit a total of 10,000 or 15,000 in sales in the 6 months following your super starter period (those sales count too) you get more free stuff! I made the 10,000 level - I have until Friday to get 1,500 more to reach 15,000, so I don't know if I will get that. Anyway, there was my name under 10,000 achievers!
AWESOME and CONGRATULATIONS! How exciting! I love that Super Starters Plus idea. That would be very motivating.

Glad you loved conference. I leave tomorrow morning! I'm VERY EXCITED!!
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Thanks Ginger! Last week was spectacular for me - 2 shows, one was my first $1,000 show and then conference.I was stunned when a box containing the Simple additions large square and large bowl and fondue accessory set arrived for me. Apparently the 15, 000 level is full of stoneware. I need to get on the phone and see if I can get 1,500 by Friday. Unlikely maybe, but not impossible.
My upline director will be in Chicago tomorrow for the US conference. 15 canadians will be there. Have a great time!!
That is so cool!I think I may have made the $10,000 also, That is cool, I can't wait I leave in the morning! Congrats you made the $10,000
Candy McIntyre
Maine Consultant
I've never heard of the super starter plus program. What exactly is it? Is it available for everyone?
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I don't know if it's exclusive to PC Canada or not, but the Super Starter Plus program recognizes strong business in the 6 months directly following your super started period - there are 2 levels - $10,000 and $15,000
So if you reach $10,000 in commissionable sales in your first 9 months, you receive the SA large square and bowl and the fondue accessoiry set.
If you reach $15,000 in commissionable sales in your first 9 months you receive the mini loaf pan, the rectangle stone, the deep dish pie plate and the fluted stone.
You also get recognized in the KCN. :)
Congratulations Marg!!!Now I know why that name looked familiar...LOL!!!! I was looking at it going...hmmmm....I KNOW that name? :confused: but from where? :confused: wish I knew you were there, I would have looked for you. I was there and I'm in the KCN too! Right above you on the same page for $15,000 in sales...so let's head to the other page together for $20,000 in sales and the pay raise k? what do ya say? Can we do it? YES WE CAN!!! :D My director is also leaving early in the morning for Chicago. She was running around today picking up Canadian flags and maple products - too funny! Who's your upline? Did you get Doris' new book? Get it signed with a picture with her? Pick up a surprise box? MAN, I wish I knew you were there! :mad:
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Congrats to you too Jodi! AWESOME JOB!!I didn't get a surrpise box - they were all gone. :( I did get Doris' book but I didn't get her to sign it as I had to meet my hubby at 12:45pm. He brought the kids down to pick me up and we went to Centre Island for the afternoon.

My upline director is Trish Dayman-Ross. Who's yours? I wish I'd known you were going to be there, too!
What seminars did you go to?
Yahoo!Unfortunately, I couldn't make it to conference......BUT

I am in the KCN with you ladies too!!!! :)

For $10,000 in sales!!!! YAY!!! I also need my $15,000 by July 27, and with no more shows booked for this month, I don't know if it will happen, BUT, I am happy that I got to the $10,000 bonus anyhow!!!


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YAY Michelle!!!Another name I couldn't figure out where I knew it from...LOL! Great job! Come join us in the 15K club won't you? :)

I didn't bother with a surprise box Marg, saw what was in them and have most of it. I THOUGHT I was going to buy one, brought the money for it...then bought Doris' book and had it signed instead.

My upline is Lynn Anne Annfield. I took the recruiting 101, kitchen show live, host coaching and switched from the motivational speaker and took the time management one instead. Then of course Take Action for consultants on Sunday morning. How about you?

I was in the South tower all by myself. All my team and upline were in 3 different rooms in the north tower but not I. Up on the 28th floor.

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Yeah Michelle! I know who Lynn Anne is. :) I went to big meeting at Le Jardin last month with a couple of different directors and she was one of them.
Let's see, I did the win-win host coaching on Friday, Saturday I had the It's a date, have a full schedule (loved this one), kitchen show live, and I too was registered for the Sue Agustine thing and decided to go to Time Management instead too - so I am sure we were in that workshop together!
I was on the 24th floor in the North tower and I had the room all to myself. It was bliss!! :)
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I did the recruiting 101 Sat morning first thing, then the kitchen show live (so we were probably together in the same room and didn't know it) and then the time management at 2:45 (again, must have been in the same room). I too had a room to myself and was thrilled! You mentioned you were on the 24th floor of the north tower? My director Sherry Hamilton (Lynn Anne is HER director) and two of my team were in 2433 and that's where we spent our evenings (from 10-midnight Friday and Saturday after watching the fireworks) winding down. Too funny!

I'm sure you've met Sherry as well as she always goes to Le Jardin with Lynn Anne. In fact, she did a demo at the last one I believe. Sherry's one of the lucky 15 who headed to Chicago this morning for Wave 3.
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kcjodih said:
My director Sherry Hamilton (Lynn Anne is HER director) and two of my team were in 2433 and that's where we spent our evenings (from 10-midnight Friday and Saturday after watching the fireworks) winding down. Too funny!

NO FREAKIN WAY!!! I was next door to Sherry in 2435!!! And I sat next to her during the kitchen show live! Small world syndrome strikes again...LOL
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hey kcjodih,Just a fun bit of info for ya,

Did you realize that the room #2433 that your team members were in spells CHEF on the phone?? Just thought that was neat!
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That's tooooooo funny!How on earth did you figure that out? That's tooooooo funny!

1. What is the Canadian National Conference?

The Canadian National Conference is an annual event hosted by Pampered Chef specifically for Canadian consultants and leaders. It is a multi-day conference filled with training, workshops, product reveals, and networking opportunities.

2. When and where is the Canadian National Conference?

The conference usually takes place in early fall and the location changes each year. Past locations have included Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal.

3. Who can attend the Canadian National Conference?

The conference is open to all active Pampered Chef consultants and leaders in Canada. Non-consultants may attend as guests of a consultant.

4. What can I expect at the Canadian National Conference?

Attendees can expect to learn new business strategies, hear from inspiring speakers, try out new products, and connect with other consultants and leaders. There will also be a celebration of achievements and recognition of top performers.

5. How do I register for the Canadian National Conference?

Registration for the conference can be done through the Pampered Chef website or through your consultant's personal website. Registration typically opens several months before the event.

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