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Boosting June Catalog show sales?



I just had a cooking show for THIS Sunday email me to say she wants to switch to a catalog show:mad: So, I'd like to offer her an extra push to make it a GOOD catalog show to help with the sell-a-thon...any suggestions?


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Mar 12, 2006
Offer incentives for levels of sales. For example, at $300 in sales you will throw in an extra $10 of free product. For $500, you will turn it into a cooking show which gives an extra $25 of product. If there is something your host wants but maybe sees it as an extravagance and won't buy it for him/herself, offer to throw it in when s/he reaches $600 in sales. Make your own rules. It really helps to host coach and find out what the heart tug is!


Mar 30, 2006
Just ran across this thread and thought I'd share what I'm doing to increase catalog sales. In order to help with our Cluster Challenge, this is what I'm offering to all June Catalog Hostesses:
If their show reaches $250 in sales, I will purchase their Woven Selections for them. It only ends up costing me $15 or so, but it ensures that their show will count for the Cluster Challenge. It's working so far. Just thought I'd share!


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Dec 1, 2005
I am offering free shipping to everyone. It is a really big deal here because my guests have to pay 15% shipping instead of $4. I am just getting random orders from people that need little things now and don't want to wait until my next cooking show. I have an office of women that I know that all refuse to have their own show, but wait until this sale (I do it both sell-a-thon months)

I don't put a number on the show that it has to be to get the free shipping, but I have never been dissapointed. I am hoping that between all the orders I get I can split them into two $250 shows. I love the pp idea though! Tom Marston does that all the time for catalog shows over $400 or something because it is worth it to him to pay for the host special out of his commission for doing the 15 mins of work it take to enter orders into PP.


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Mar 6, 2006
For June & July I am having a Patriotic Sale...Everything in the catalog Red, White or Blue is 10% off.:D :D :D