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What is barbie: Definition and 16 Discussions

  1. K

    Barbie Cake Recipe: How to Make the Classic Batter Bowl Version

    Does anyone have the recipe on how to make the Barbie Cake in the lg Classic Batter Bowl?? I have a client who wants to make it for her daughter's birthday. thanks
  2. momoftwins

    Barbie Cake in Large Batter Bowl

    My twins bday is September 10th and I want to make my daughter a barbie cake using the batter bowl. Does anyone have the instructions, etc on how to do this?? Any pictures to share??? Thanks in advance.
  3. C

    Where Can I Find the $3 Barbie 50th Anniversary Special Edition Doll?

    Most stores have a special edition Barbie (a remake of the orginal from 50yrs ago) on sale this week for $3. The offer it through Sat. Here is what she looks like Barbie 50th Girl Souvenir Doll -Bathing Suit Barbie Doll - Mattel - Toys "R" Us Amazon is out of stock but you could try your...
  4. P

    Batter Bowl Barbie Cake Recipe and Instructions

    Does anyone have a recipe or instructions for this?
  5. ChefMann

    Need to Find the Barbie Doll Recipe

    I have a customer who wants to make this Barbie Doll cake for her grand daughter and for some crazy reason, I can't find it. Could be that my brain is in a sugar coma from eating too many taffy apple tartlets! Does anyone have that recipe or point me in the general direction of finding it...
  6. T

    Baking the Perfect Barbie Cake: Oven or Bowl?

    Hi guys, Im thinking of making a barbie cake for my daughters birthday. Do you think it would turn out better in the oven with the stoneware baking bowl, or the classic batter bowl?
  7. crazy4dabug

    Is Making a Bridal Barbie Cake Really That Easy?

    I think it turned out well.
  8. L

    Making Cakes with a Batter Bowl: Tips, Recipes, and Photos

    My friend wants to make one using her batter bowl this weekend. Any tips from those of you who have made one? What recipe do you like best? ANy pics to share? I've been looking in search as well.
  9. C

    Fondant Recipe for You Barbie Cake Bakers

    http://whatscookingamerica.net/PegW/Fondant.htm I found this link on how to make fondant inexpensively, I haven't tried it yet but will within the next 2 weeks. I will let you know how it turns out. If you decide to make it before I do, please let us know how it turns out. Thanks, Charlie
  10. A

    What is the Perfect Surprise for a Bridal Shower?

    I have a PC Bridal Shower show tomorrow and made this to surprise bride with: I hope she likes it. http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b388/AFwife_24/Barbiecake008.jpg
  11. Pampered in Ottawa

    Barbie Cake Inspiration: Show Me Your Batter Bowl Creations!

    Hello everyone! Does anyone have a picture of a Barbie cake they made in the classic batter bowl? I am a visual person and would like to make one for my daughter's upcoming Birthday! Thanks!:o
  12. G

    Barbie Doll Cake Wrapping - Need Help ASAP!

    Help! I have to make some Barbie Doll Cakes for a cake walk tomorrow and I have no idea how to wrap these up to carry to the cake walk. It has to be something that I can give away with the cake. Please help :eek: ! Thanks, Brittiny
  13. K

    Barbie Doll Cake Recipe: A Sweet Surprise!

    Does anyone have the recipe for the Barbie Doll Cake??
  14. K

    Discover the Recipe for Barbie Batter Bowl Cake - Step-by-Step Guide

    Where do I find the recipe for the Barbie Batter Bowl Cake? Thanks!
  15. P

    Creative Barbie Cake Designs for Bridal Show

    Any fun ideas on how to decorate the Barbie Cake for a Bridal show? Please feel free to email me pictures! [email protected]
  16. L

    Mom and Daughter's Sweet 6th B-Day: Ideas for a 'Barbie' Cake!

    I'm new to PC and also new to this site. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas! My daughter's 6th birthday is coming up soon and I would like some ideas for the 'Barbie' cake using the classic batter bowl. Anyone have any ideas? I also think this would be a great theme show. Maybe a...