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When do you give host packets


Dec 28, 2005
I was wondering how everyone distributes the packets. Say a person wants to book for July from a show in early May. Do you make up some packets with info on each month you have the information for to give them when they book, or wait and see what month they want then book the show and mail them the packet with the information specific to the month their show is in?


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Oct 6, 2005
I make up generic packets which I give at the show and then mail them the specials/flyers/OOFs for their specific month. Cheaper than mailing catalogs.


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Feb 17, 2006
I do the same thing that Deb does, make packets (usually have 5 on hand) that have the staple stuff in it and then mail the flyers 1 month prior to the show.


Jan 8, 2006
I do it differently now that I'm mailing out the invites. At the show, if it's a close show, then I'll give them a generic thank you for booking letter, guest list and SASE envelope. Then, once I receive the guest list, I give them the packet. I've just given out too many packets for people who NEVER followed through with the show, and then I lost the materials. So, I now wait until I receive the guest list b/c I know they're serious about the show. I do have generic packets made up for the upcoming months with the guest/host specials, and I add the OOF when they're available. That way, when I get the guest list, the packet is already made, and I just mail or hand deliver it (preferably the latter).

Chef Kearns

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Feb 8, 2005
I do what Sherrie does (kinda). I hate giving out full packets and never having the show. If it is a far away booking I mail out a Thank you for booking letter the day after the party that gives them an idea of when they'll hear from me again. Then about a month before the party I send them the guest list forms to fill out and we set up a day and time for in-person host coaching. At the host coaching meeting I give them the packet.


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Jan 17, 2006
Host packets

I only give out full packets if they are scheduling a show the same month and I encourage them to go through it. I then have them give me a date and time when I can come by and go throught the packet with them.
If it is next month or later I give them a postcard reminder to place on their fridge that tells them what they have committed to. I might even give them one of my catalogs to look through and see all the things they want to put on their wish list, plus I show them the chart on the back. And I let them know I will give them a call whenever it's good for them to set up a time and day to get them the host packet. We start planning their guest list also.
Veteran hosts can get their packet and invites up to a month before, but those who are new I like to deliver it to them and go over all the benefits and their wish list at least 2-3 weeks prior, depending on my schedule!