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Well, I sent out some invitations (email..evites) for my first


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Aug 10, 2005
Well, I sent out some invitations (email..evites) for my first pampered chef Mystery Host party. It is also my first party. I did the evites because the people I am inviting always respond to evites.

Anyway, I'm nervous no one will be able to come. I sent out about 7 so far. On evites you can check who has viewed them the evites as well as responses. So far one "no" (its her anniversary) and four people have viewed but not responded.

Its very eary but I'm kind of nervous... this is the neighbourhood where another lady just became a pampered chef consultant too but not sure if that will make a difference. I guess if you dont ask you wont know.

Wish me luck!



Jul 19, 2005
Well I am going to be real blunt and honest with you. I did my mystery host show this past Saturday. I sent out 40 invites and 2 people came. They both ordered but now I am having to work to get the show up to $150. My point is that you can't let it get you down. There will just be shows like that. It was actually my 2nd show and my 1st show was awesome, almost $400 in sales and 3 bookings. You just never know. Just keep on trudging along.



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May 18, 2005
E-invites are great, but...

Don't forget to call your guests and invite them personally! Also keep invitations with you in case you run across friends/acquaintances in the next few days.

Aug 19, 2005
Same advice...be sure and call each person you sent an evite to so that you can express how much you would love to celebrate the kick off of your new business with them. When you call them ask them to bring a couple friends with them. You can also offer to give them something a little extra for bringing friends with them...perhaps a free copy of the Season's Best recipe book. By doing this you could easily take your guest list of 7 and turn it into 14 or more!

Wishing you success with your show,