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Trying to get possible host to commit to date

Gina M

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Jan 13, 2006
Hi there,

I've been having trouble trying to get a potential host to actually commit to any date. I know everyone has been through this at one time or another - what do you do? She has mentioned and rementioned several times that she does indeed want to host a show but is waiting to find out from friends when the best time to do it. I know I'll probably never actually get her to commit - I see her at my kid's school daily and have sent numerous emails (but I don't want to become the Pampered Pest) Should I just give up for now and maybe bring it up at a later date (perhaps in the summer or even the fall?) I just don't want her to feel obligated to do a show with me. Any help would be great!:)

Gina Miller
Pampered Chef Consultant
[email protected]


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Dec 1, 2005
Give her an extra incentive! Tell her that you'll give her an extra $10 free product is she holds her show in June or whenever. Or you can offer that she hold a show in May and her guests get to help raise money for breast cancer research with HWC items. Good luck!

Gillian Wright
Wasilla, Alaska


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Apr 10, 2005
Tell them the truth!

When I have a host who is "trying to get everybody to agree on a date", I tell the host that she will never reach a concensus. Like with any party, she needs to pick a date, invite EVERYBODY, and make reminder calls. Those who can come, will, those who can't should place an order!

Usually, the common sense approach of this makes them realize how crazy it is to try to get many different people from all walks of life to agree on a particular date!

Good luck...let us know what happens!!!


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Oct 6, 2005
Call her. Ask her what day of the week works for her. If she says Friday, give her two choices of dates, telling her the date you want to fill first.

For example, I have just two Fridays available in May, so I would tell her, "I have Friday the 19th and Friday the 4th. Which one works for you?"

Most people know which day of the week is best for them and their crowd.
Feb 14, 2006
Ask her for help. Tell her you are trying to reach a certain goal by the end of the month and would she please help you out? I think asking for help might seem desperate, but once she hosts a party and realizes how fun it can be and all the free stuff she gets, she'll be glad she did. I would also offer her an extra incentive for helping you. Tell her you will get her the guest special for whatever month or let her pick an extra $10 in free product, so that will give her $25 just for hosting...before the orders and all! I know what you mean about not wanting to be a pest...I feel the same way. I think you just know when you can kind of give people a gentle push and when to just back off. Tune into your Pampered Chef sense and you'll be fine! :)

Sep 11, 2005
I would give her some dates that work for you, I sometimes wish I could be fore forward when talking to people. But I find I have a hard time when they are people I know and dont want to get them uspet thinking I am so pushy. If she wont commit to a show now then wait until we get the new fall catalog and maybe then she will have a show.


Mar 27, 2005
DebbieJ said:
Call her. Ask her what day of the week works for her. If she says Friday, give her two choices of dates, telling her the date you want to fill first.

Now I've been told the opposite. That people are more likely to take the date they hear last. So if you want to fill the 4th you would say that one second. But who knows that is probably something that is half go one way and half the other.

What I do for people who can't pick a day because they want to see what works for everybody is I tell them that no one day is going to work for everyone. The best thing to do is to just pick a day and see what happens. Then I have a pencil (and it's important for them to see that it's a pencil) and say "let's set a tentative date, you can always change it if you need too." That usually works. And most of the time they keep that date. But by seeing you write it in pencil they believe that the date isn't permanent.

Isn't it strange some of the little thing s we can do to convince people one way or the other?


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Oct 6, 2005
Oops--that's what I meant! Tell her the date you need filled as the second choice!!! Thanks for catching that, Tina!